Friday, September 25, 2015

Paris Opera Shows Off Its Brilliance

8 Cities That Show You What the Future Will Look Like

Thank you

Born One-Hundred Twelve Years Ago

Jeremy Corbyn 'will work with SNP to oppose Trident'

‘Dark Chapter’: my rape, regrowth and recovery

YouTube video appears to show more airport taxi protest violence

YouTube video appears to show more airport taxi protest violence - Ottawa - CBC News
Just  imagine that you show up for  work,  and your  seat is taken.

The best place to be an expat?

Dow Stumbles, but does not fall

US Congress to investigate Google

Blatter faces criminal investigation

Lost Children

Dow Very Far Up

Gas price report goes missing during election & no one is saying why


Drought survival: What Australia’s changes can teach California

How do you bring an aircraft back from the dead?

As Ian Welsh Says

 while now we are in a heliocentric universe,  are habits are from a Geo centric universe.  this means that our primary goal is to work on something,  but we have two -  as he said is it -  bunk off with something else -  and even bunk off bunking off with a third project.  this in geocentric is entirely  acceptable.  So I  have my name novel -  years of swallow winds -  and my bunking off which is to get Ian to  work on the Terran Norm.  but I need a bunking off between bunks,  which is the predecessor -  Pegasi 51. 

Boehner to resign in October

I went to see the sun and she was fine

Born One-Hundred Nine Years Ago Today

Schools made cuts while Niles administrators collected $450,000 in perks in Chicago

Pope Francis brings his message to world leaders at UN

Stinky Cheese Is a Result of Evolutionary Overdrive

Niqab, Senate, economy trigger hot exchanges in French-language debate

Criticism grows over Hajj deaths

Dublin criminal Gary Hutch (34) shot dead in Costa del Sol

The New New Deal

Body's 'chemical calendar' discovered

The truth about pigs

The expats ruined by property scams in Thailand

Witnesses blame Saudi officials and police as King Salman

As firefighting costs explode, fire prevention loses out

The Connection Between Cleaner Air and Longer Lives

Is Hillary Clinton getting taller? Or is the Internet getting dumber?

How Mexican heroin cartels are targeting small-town America