Monday, September 28, 2015

Iran’s president blames U.S. for Middle East violence

S.F. sewer work turns up treasures

Nepal Rations Fuel as Political Crisis With India Worsens

Facebook down for second time in week

Saudi Arabia issues 1,100 images that suggest rise in death toll

Our SF: Radio in San Francisco — the signal remains strong

Donald Trump plan would eliminate income tax for millions

The Real Roots of ’70s Drug Laws

Dow Sitting on edge

Dear Kevin McCarthy: You almost certainly will fail as House speaker

Major Afghan city ‘collapses’ to Taliban, officials say

Dow cross 16,000

We are in correction mode, again

The Cities Where Millennials Are Taking Over the Housing Market

The Dad Restaurant - The New Yorker

New Yorker 'toon


For the 13th time since '79

All 3 indexes below the "death cross" number: dow, s&p, russell.

Iran’s president: We’ll release Americans if U.S. frees Iranians

DOW Down

Audi says 2.1 million of its diesel cars had software to cheat emissions

Drought survival: What Australia’s changes can teach California


H&H Games award

Martian streaks 'painted by water'

Con Up in Canada

Opinion Polling during the 2015 Canadian Federal Election.svg

Dow Down A Little

Tech firm’s ethos: Lavish 1-month staff trip breeds success

Admiring U.S. Culture, but Not Its Policy

Prosecutors to probe former VW boss

The ‘open secret’ of abused Hmong child brides goes public in Minnesota law suit

How some smokers stay healthy: genetic factors revealed

Nasa to reveal major finding, prompting water speculation

st regions warned as 210kph Typhoon Dujuan approaches coast

Russia pushes for anti-IS co-ordination

China Industrial Profits Fall Most Since 2011 as Growth Ebbs

Ray Bradbury on How To Get Things Done

70,000 Ways to Classify Ailments