Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Worry for Home Buyers: A Party House Next Door


Backed up

The blue triangles mark the location of Very Large Crude Carriers around the port of Hong Kong.

Backed up China shipping lane.

America’s hippest cemetery is on Capitol Hill

Biden, Ryan Face Decisions That Could Shape Politics for Years to Come

Series of small earthquakes hit near crude oil storage hub

Paid or not, women have always contributed to the wealth of nations

Children of Argentina’s ‘Disappeared’ Reclaim Past

Should We Bank Our Own Stool?

F.D.A. Approval of OxyContin Use for Children Continues to Draw Scrutiny

In Berlin, a Plan to Create a Canal for the People

Turkish air force pounds rebels

Five Nato personnel die in Kabul crash

What Makes a Tax Plan ‘Serious’ Anyway?

How to Make a Clean Break With the Clingiest Social Networks

Factions find common ground behind Ryan

The Chains of Mental Illness in West Africa

The Very Great Alexander von Humboldt by Nathaniel Rich

In the GOP, ‘the pattern of crowning the nominee has been broken’

This Analyst Says China's Stock Rally-to-Rout Is About to Repeat

Secret Nixon archive offers intimate but disturbing portrait of his presidency

Iran says verdict reached in case against Post correspondent

The Men of the Vale - The New York Times

Suit Over Firing Exposes Strife on Benghazi Panel

Student Loan System Is Stacked Against the Borrowers

Assad forces 'make gains in Syria'

Pretty vacant: the glory of abandoned spaces

Inglis, Florida: home to the 1,000th US mass shooting since Sandy Hook

Tom Mulcair on the niqab debate: 'I saw that coming' -

Mummers, potato sacks and clown masks: Why people are voting in silly face coverings

Advance poll turnout up from last election, Elections Canada says

Why Optical Illusions Like These Make Your Brain Go Haywire

The Fascinating Afterlives of Defunct Pizza Hut Buildings

Story of the Week: Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night

The Political Consequences of Mental Models

Will Barbie be hackers’ new plaything?

Modern Love: Original Conscious Uncouplers

Major Advance Reveals the Limits of Computation

Three prime ministers fight for ‘yes’ to Europe

First Skyscraper at Hudson Yards Reaches Max Height: Photos

China’s Market Rescue Leaves Stocks Deflated

Fictitious Tales, Actual Odysseys

Iraq says IS leader's convoy hit

Why Is Money Still Flowing to ISIS?

Story of U.S. airstrike on hospital still missing details

GOP hard-liners seek more power by changing rules. That could mean more chaos.

An Eco-Tour of Guatemala’s Rio Dulce Region

Jennie Somogyi’s Last Steps, After All It Took to Get to Them

The Cellphone Imperative: If I Can’t Text, I’m Moving

Private Property or Patrimony? The Fight Over a Picasso

'Witchcraft' abuse cases on the rise

Peru’s Illegal Gold-Mining Camps Go up in Flames

14-month renovation rejuvenates midcentury Berkeley home

‘Girl Waits With Gun,’ by Amy Stewart

Jim Carrey helps carry coffin at funeral of Cathriona White

Trinity College library to enter technological age (Eire)

Suicide Bomber Targets Foreign Convoy in Afghanistan

1998 El Niño pounded an unready Bay Area: Are we prepared now?

Bar Stars 2015: The bartenders shaping Bay Area’s cocktail boom - San Francisco Chronicle