Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democratic Candidates Clash in First Debate

Singapore Central Bank Eases Policy by Adjusting Currency Band

The 19-Hour Flight Is Coming Back

So long, Sinbad’s? Restaurant to be evicted from S.F. waterfront

Leaderless Palestinian Youth at Core of New Uprising

Quick-casual quinoa at Eatsa: No human contact required

Marlon James wins Booker Prize for novel on attempted assassination of Bob Marle

The Art of Writing

A tour of the ballistic missile submarine Redoutable (photos)

J.P. Morgan’s Revenue Slides

Democracy - by Karl Marx

Half a century of 'Repulsion' by Roman Polanski

Brazil prolongs the agony of its political crisis

Syria is not the Middle East Blockbuster

Photographer shines light on ‘invisibility of the poor’

Murong: A Land China Loves and Hates

Radical Office Idea: A 40-Hour Workweek


Warm climate, temperate or cold: these cards tell you to live in France

Seven other pioneering women in tech

Spielberg, Hanks and Rylance talk about the Cold War, geopolitics and 'Bridge of Spies'

Ex-CPS chief pleads guilty, tearfully apologizes to students

A hazing ritual forced Chinese female flight attendants into overhead bins

Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau tally who offers families more

What Happened When Shrimp Boy Tried to Go Straight

Some Oil Firms Cut Wages to Preserve Jobs

Taliban Withdraw From Kunduz After Days of Fighting

The Way We're Testing Antibiotics Is All Wrong

BBC - Capital - Is this Britain's brainiest city?

Our Dystopian Future Has Arrived | The Nation

Okinawa governor revokes permit for construction of U.S. Marine base

Why I Live Where I Live

Sunjeev Sahota’s The Year of the Runaways: a subtle study of “economic migration”

Sunjeev Sahota’s The Year of the Runaways: a subtle study of “economic migration”
Sahota’s Man Booker-shortlisted novel goes to places we would all rather not think about.

Interactive Map: All the Places in the World Where Governments Have Lost Control

Al-Qaeda in Syria calls for revenge attacks on Russia

Starting Today, Starbucks Delivers (To One Building)

BBC's director of television Danny Cohen stands down

Missile confirmed to have downed MH17

Dow, will not stay down

As election day approaches, the road to power goes through Ontario -

Homosexuality may be caused by chemical modifications to DNA

LRoB Corbyn in the Media

Toxic Waste and Corruption in Italy’s ‘Triangle of Death’

Three Killed in Jerusalem bus attack

Hong Kong Is Losing Its Neon Glow

Hong Kong Is Losing Its Neon Glow
In decline since the 1990s, the city’s neon signs are being eclipsed by ones made of LEDs, which lack neon’s warmth but are brighter and less expensive to maintain.

Environmental science Map Shows Where Sea Level Rise Will Drown American Cities

Global Stocks Slide With Metals After Weak Chinese Imports Data

The Premodern and Contemporary Arabic Texts That Influenced Amitav Ghosh

Dutch to issue MH17 disaster report

Experts urge quick action to protect Bay Bridge cable

Libya’s ‘Masked Men’ Hunt Human Smugglers

Review: ‘Bastards of the Reagan Era,’ a Book of Poetry

Playboy to Quit Nudes as Web Fills Demand

Oil Sands Boom Dries Up in Alberta, Taking Jobs With It