Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Comic Book Robot Cat Helped Shape Abenomics


Theranos Dials Back Lab Tests at FDA’s Behest

El Niño notches up: Most of California now forecast to be wet

US tank enters ruined hospital putting 'war crime' evidence at risk

Upstart Candidates Prove Adept at Fund-Raising

Canadian envoy of Iran crisis fame dies

Liberals, NDP decline PCO offer of confidential briefing on TPP trade deal

France rejects 'tampon tax' change

Illegal financing in Chile touches the best politic

Fatal shooting by police officer shuts Market Street

I Can't Believe I'm Addicted to Minecraft

What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death?

Canada election: Brothels advert provokes row

Dropbox's New 'Paper' Is Yet Another All-in-One Work Tool

The Surreal Art and Interiors of Simon de Pury’s Ely House Auction

BBC - Culture - Is Nordic humour too dark for the rest of the world?

Dow Up Again

Can Napa still sustain the dream of the idyllic winery?

A Dual Biography of Marlene Dietrich and Leni Riefenstahl

Oilpatch players feeling 'nauseous' before federal election



Shorter days, crisp air, bundling up in sweaters, harvest fairs and simmering pots of mulled cider, all remind us of the joys of autumn. It is a time when we seem to have a minute. We make pies, start a fire and sit down as a family for a meal. As Americans one of the tastes we are sure to enjoy each fall is that of the cranberry. Like the rest of us, most farmers are slowing for the year and readying their land for winter. For cranberry farmers, fall is the height of their season.

Hungary: ‘Sorry About Our Prime Minister’

A Conversation in Iowa

The Entire History of Sex

The Entire History of Sex
Most writers she knows, Maggie Nelson writes, ‘nurse persistent fantasies about the horrible things – or the horrible thing – that will happen to them if and when they express themselves as they desire’. Everywhere she goes – ‘especially if I’m in drag as a “memoirist”’ – such fears appear to be uppermost in everybody’s mind. ‘People seem hungry, above all else, for permission, and a guarantee against bad consequences. The first, I try to give; the second is beyond my power.’ But why the fear of writing the thing you really want to? Whence the assumption that what you’d really want to write would be memoir?

Colleges Are Spending 7 Times More on Athletics Than They Are on Academics

Fog of Intelligence

Black Deaths Matter

Allegory and humiliation on the BBC’s Secret Life of Books

Steven Spielberg Makes the Cold War Cool Again with "Bridge of Spies"

Scotland’s Newest Hiking Trail: Beginner-Friendly With Killer Views

Scotland’s Newest Hiking Trail: Beginner-Friendly With Killer Views - WSJ

The new John Muir Way is an easy, pick-and-choose route through some of the country’s most rewarding terrain

He claimed to be ex-CIA and was quoted as an expert on Fox News. Prosecutors say it was a lie.

The Dark Reality of Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Game

Dennis Hastert to plead guilty

Dennis Hastert to plead guilty
A fine end for Hastert the Unspeakable.
Dennis Hastert pictured on 9 June 2015
For sex crimes.

Dow Rising Up

Who’s the daddy? Badger reproduction not black and white

Social Security Recipients Won’t Get Cost-of-Living Increase

New York tipping: Restaurant group to eliminate practice - BBC News

The Caliban Chronicles Vol 4 No 3

Hoverboard 2.0 costs $10K; tech used in NASA ‘tractor beam’


Corporate America's Epic Debt Binge Leaves $119 Billion Hangover

Texas Towns Push Back on Instant Slums

Music Two Master Composers Talk the Art of the Film Score

Mayor wants developer off Civic Square project, cites troubling actions

Unmasking the hidden comic book heroes

Fossil teeth place humans in Asia '20,000 years early'

VW ordered to recall 2.4 million cars in Germany

House of Flesh

Stephen Harper: master manipulator

The Chinese are obsessed with building giant dams

Treasury Bills Sold at Zero Percent Interest Top $1 Trillion

Boeing Plunges as Delta Sees `Bubble' of Used Wide-Body Jets

How Prop. D could pave way for Giants’ huge Lot A development

Myanmar Signs Cease-Fire With 8 Armed Ethnic Groups