Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pfizer, Allergan Weigh Massive Deal

A Stylized Sherlock by Michael Dirda

‘The Book of Miracles’ by Marina Warner

Becoming van Gogh by Michael Kimmelman

Catastrophic Coltrane by Geoff Dyer

Tchaikovsky’s “Wrong” Note by Kirill Gerstein

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Why has the trans woman Tara Hudson been sent to an all-male prison?

The Health-Care Industry’s Relationship Problems



No Train Today? Ask Congress Why

'Evil' ants enslave their fellows

‘Star Wars,’ Elvis and Me

Is Town Hall too busy for its own good?

David Lynch’s Elusive Language

'Gentle' beginning for Solar System

Please, John Kasich, Make This Debate Matter by Calling Out Trump and Carson

Dow Up

Republican debate could be Jeb Bush’s chance to revive struggling campaign

'Rape and cannibalism' in South Sudan

How 4 Federal Lawyers Paved the Way to Kill Bin Laden

How to Make Maps and Influence People

Pictures of Traditional Dress Around the World

Top 10 Places to See Wildlife

The Photographers Who Risk Jail to Capture Cold War Relics

Auto Boy, Honda’s Not Giving Up This Whole Hydrogen Car Thing

Long-Acting Contraception Makes Teen Pregnancy Rates Plummet. So Why Are Some Women Still Skeptical?

What’s It Like Growing Old in the New Economy?

Leader: the House of Lords requires urgent reform

David Cameron: the neo-Georgian Prime Minister

The Untold History of African American Cookbooks | The New Republic

The Real Kingmakers in the G.O.P.

Can’t Afford a Calder? Check Out These Mobiles

Borrowers, Beware! Home-Loan Horror Stories

DFW, FTW: Life In the Internet Age | Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Oignons et Poissons by Bob BrueckL

Oignons et Poissons
The sacrilegious line between unhinged turbidity and wiggly specificity decomposes the glycerophtalic rusticity of tangible teargas starkly caricaturing the sanctities splurging thru the fervid prism of degenerate munge truncating the odious iterations of scuffed facsimiles overhyping the tinny paradigm shifts confusticating the pristine concision in the asset pool demeaning the acidic frottage of cannibalistic decluttering. 

My piddly chicanery -- insistent ruses of seductive breast augmentation -- detracts from the sparsely pigmented decoy of moonlighting decay crosshatching the oddly obfuscated reiterations extricating the bittersweet silvery rubble overlaying the gross gloss of the doggedly depraved crossing-out of the disconnected grid, denying access to the detour, reinforcing shying away from the literal meandering in the tilted meadow of startup die-hards deciphering the peeled away scrimmage pertinently thwarting the pump-fake pig snacks.

BLCKDGRD: [Every Slump Is Different...]

32 years later, SF family shuns daughter for marrying a black man -

Over in No 11, the Chancellor continues to slim down – with the help of those little macaroons

The Plan to Save the World

Schubert’s Cry from the Beyond

For Fed, a Rates Puzzle Looms

A YouTube video once called her the world’s ‘ugliest woman.’ Now she fights against bullying.

‘It was an epidemic’: One Russian village sees 20 of its men leave to wage jihad in Syria

Cryotherapy Center Where Woman Died Is Shut Down

New legal move to prevent Japan from whale hunting in Antarctic

The Senate, ignorant on cybersecurity, just passed a bill about it anyway

Emissions scandal pushes VW into loss

My night with Hong Kong's 'McRefugees'