Monday, November 2, 2015

Gavin Newsom endorses tech-funded weed legalization measure

Rare early photographs of Beijing

Report: Palatine district 'not following law' regarding transgender student

Ben Carson Vaults to Lead in Latest Journal/NBC Poll

TransCanada Asks U.S. to Suspend Keystone Review

Montana Expands Medicaid In Milestone For Health Law

Protesters occupy HQ ahead of vote on housing affordability

Nazi Site Crumbles, but Questions on Its Future Persist

A Perfect Storm Is Creating a Pacific Caldron

‘Make No Mistake About It, This Is a War’

This Guy Wants Us to Commute in Autonomous, On-Demand Pods

Farmers Shift to Leases, Threatening to Swell a Glut

The Philadelphia Museum Of Art - Impressionism

Marijuana Legalization Is the New Gay Marriage

Death Rate Rising for Middle-Aged Whites

Dow Up

Chris Mullin: "I think there are one or two people who are riding for a fall"

Chris Mullin: "I think there are one or two people who are riding for a fall"
"Chris Mullin: It is interesting that most parties are behaving exactly according to a script one could have written 35 years ago. I think whoever is the Labour leader can always expect a hostile press, though Jeremy’s has been ludicrously over the top. I noticed that someone wrote a column in the Sunday Telegraph even trying to blame him for the row over tax credits."

An Arctic Forecast

New York company fined over fake clothing donation bins that netted $10m

Siskel's widow lists place at Playboy mansion - Chicago Tribune

Review: Lyric Opera's 'Wozzeck' a 'masterpiece of 20th-century music theater'

Ohio Voters Set to Rein In Gerrymandering

Star Trek beaming back to the small screen for new series

Turkey election: OSCE says 'serious concerns' over vote

VW emissions scandal: More cars found with defeat device

Review: In ‘King Charles III,’ Monarchy’s Future

Fake Cover Letters Expose Bias Against Disabled

Lines at the Library? Must Be Story Time

Operation KKK Is Beginning To Unmask Hate Group Members ?

Lunar impact basins revealed by GRAIL mission

Going where the science matters

'Rocket-on-a-rail' prepares to launch satellite

Oil Price Paradox: Gasoline Could Be Even Cheaper

Charles Severance guilty of murder in 3 high-profile Alexandria deaths

Vatican leaks: Two arrested in new scandal - BBC News

Protecting Underage Models Becomes a Federal Issue

The Stone: How to Live a Lie We can act as if God, morality and free will exist, even when we are certain they don’t.

Seen a Spy? China Invites You to Call Its New Hotline

A Pharmacist's 'Dirty Socks' Are Key to Cutting Pfizer Tax Bill

A comprehensive study of one of the most popular art movements.

Impressionism | Art | Phaidon Store


A comprehensive study of one of the most popular art movements.

Cezanne and the End of Impressiosm

Bay Bridge bike path delay has cyclists spinning wheels

It's not freedom of information the Tories don't like - it's opposition

Frederick Douglass's Faith in Photography


The Hidden Reasons People Spend Too Much - WSJ

Top bureaucrats met to resist partisanship imposed on public service in Canada

November 2, 1917: The Balfour Declaration Promises British Support for a ‘National Home for the Jewish People’

A Military-Backed Comedian Will Be Guatemala’s Next President. Activists Aren’t Laughing.

The Hard Power of Soft Drinks

The King of the Shores: An Interview with a Syrian Refugee Smuggler

Party like it's 1975: how the Left got Eurosceptic all over again

The butterfly mind of Elvis Costello

Unplanned Parenthood

Ice Age engravings found in Jersey

Chinese factory activity shrinks for eighth month running

Thousands Start Life Anew With Early Prison Releases

Sex, love and the courts: When is a spouse a spouse?