Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Soon, Gmail's AI Could Reply to Your Email for You

Northwestern professor resigns after sexual harassment investigation

Northwestern professor resigns after sexual harassment investigation
northwestern university
University says Peter Ludlow stepped down amid termination proceedings following findings that he had sexually harassed two students

Leaders of Taiwan and China to Meet; First Time Since '49

Beijing Admits to Burning More Coal Than Reported

Young Americans shifting US towards becoming less religious nation

Want a big raise? Start with a big salary

S.F. classic diner a real blast from the past

Dow Up

Equal Footing for Women on Longest Hikes

As our MPs gather evidence on decriminalising sex work, they need facts – not the old myths

Springsteen’s Most Anxious Album

When a 127-Year-Old U.S. Industry Collapses Under China's Weight

U.S. Admiral Defends Patrols in South China Sea

Clouds, molten-iron rain showers detected on outcast alien world

Antarctic coast meltdown could trigger ice-sheet collapse

Rebel flag supporter 'bombs Walmart'

Europe's Biggest Banks Are Cutting 30,000 Jobs - Bloomberg Business

For sale: Homes furnished with a grisly past

The horror of the Calais refugee camp

Robert Browning : The Poetry Foundation

Minnesota Marine Art Museum

The Vanished World of 'Stoner'

Why Indonesia can’t stamp out fires that have cast a haze over Southeast Asia

Tell the Federal Reserve: Hold public hearings on the Goldman Sachs banking deal

Anonymous denies releasing incorrect Ku Klux Klan member information

Benefit offers a note of hope for Tenderloin’s Cadillac Hotel

Indonesia Fires Cut Into Commodities Output

Two new books allege excess, mismanagement at the Vatican

Africa’s Migrants Struggle to Reach Europe

Do we really become more conservative with age?

Tom Tomorrow

Asking for a Friend: Is It Me or Is It Capitalism?

November 3, 1986: The Iran-Contra Weapons-for-Hostages Deal Is Exposed

The government's not trying to balance the books, but to shrink the state

The gangsters of Rome: the brutal side of the ancient city

Frank Stella’s Big Ideas

Can the G.O.P. Deal with Inequality?

In Religious Arbitration, the Holy Scripture Is Law

World's biggest tech companies get failing grade

Amazon opens traditional bookshop

U.S. Cut Iraq Cash on Iran, ISIS Fears

Iraqi politician who pushed for 2003 U.S. invasion dies

Iraqi politician who pushed for 2003 U.S. invasion dies
Met him once, evil.More than most.

S.F. voters could chart course of change in booming city

Why Asian Americans Don't Vote Republican | The New Republic

A Puzzlemaster and a Ping-Pong Prodigy

A wall around Europe? Pressure grows to close the continent’s open borders.

Refunds over 'unfixable' Batman bugs

China warns its citizens: things you buy online might be fake

Russia Tackles Racism Ahead of World Cup