Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beyond pho on Oakland’s Vietnamese restaurant row

LOL Nothing Matters: A Defense of the Internet’s Absence of Meaning

X-Men's Iceman declares sexuality in new comic |

Inquiry Looks at Possible Lies by Exxon About Climate Change

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China: Scientists decode panda 'language'

Adidas push to end 'racist' mascots

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Dow Blues

Freakout over Zipcar spaces shows perils of free parking

Ben Bernanke: Austerity went too far in the UK

Agnes De Mille’s Artistic Justice

Where U.S. Companies Can Get the Best Deposit Rates: Overseas

Number of Uninsured Falls

Mars atmosphere findings hint at fate of liquid water on red planet

My husband died 19 months after our wedding. The condolences end, but being a widow doesn’t.

Family drama: George H.W. Bush faults son for how he handled 9/11

Family drama: George H.W. Bush faults son for how he handled 9/11
It is part of a mea culpa play, and was planned. We must be stupid.

Takata Shares Plunge 25% as Car Makers Shun Supplier

Berlin plans a fence to protect Wall murals from souvenir hunters

Bernie Sanders introduces legislation to end federal ban on marijuana

The Displaced

Every term the Census has used to describe America’s racial and ethnic groups since 1790

It's the Consvevatives

Our Microscopic Roommates

Municipal Bonds Shine in Bleak Landscape

China Stocks Rally Into a Bull Market

Bolts from the blue

How Richard Nixon Created Hillary Clinton

Full list of Justin Trudeau's cabinet

Afghan refugees in Iran being sent to fight and die for Assad in Syria

When the A’s grew mustaches and grew into champions

Woodland Park Zoo prepares for arrival of baby gorilla

In Pacific Trade Deal, Vietnam Agrees to Terms on Labor Rights

Do Men Still Crave Status Watches?

U.S. Sees Flurry of Iranian Hacking

Debate over Medicare, Social Security, other benefits divides Republican Party

Berlin Letter: On the Street where Einstein lived

Brexit’ could see major trade losses in Eire

New Passport in Britain Puts Women in 2nd Class

Denying the Will of Okinawans

Kenya’s Plea: ‘Please, Just Steal a Little’

Rubio Says His Tax Plan Helps the Poor More Than the Rich. Here's Why It Doesn't.

Jeb Bush’s comeback tour sounds like a therapy session

Think It’s Hard Finding a Place to Live? Try Doing So With a Criminal Record

Think It’s Hard Finding a Place to Live? Try Doing So With a Criminal Record
"President Obama has taken a modest but essential step towards undoing some of the discriminatory housing policies that have made it difficult for returning citizens to rejoin their families and stay off the streets."

It's Shocking How Relevant This 150-Year-Old Denunciation of American Racism Is Today

Dozens trapped in Lahore factory rubble

Suu Kyi 'will be above president' if NLD wins Myanmar election

Warning From Kentucky: Managerial Democrats Can Lose to Extreme Republicans

Play in Tune

Forest birds of Hawaii are the latest animals threatened by climate change

Maersk Line to Cut Staff as Market Deteriorates

Ash grounds tourists for third day

'Iron-ass' Cheney and 'arrogant' Rumsfeld damaged America

Shortage of Curry Chefs Perturbs Britons