Friday, December 11, 2015

It’s a marvel that our ancestors learnt how to make bread

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Bela Bartok SQ #3

Sibelius- 5th

Koechlin: Seven Stars

From Data to Design: The Science of Cities

Do men really understand what childcare’s about?

Do men really understand what childcare’s about?

No we do not, But that is the  product of several million years of evolution,  which we are trying to, gain a   scant century,  trying to re-wire.  and where trying to wire   both  sexes.  so while the deal of   impatience is required,  so to is understanding  of the magnitude of the task that we are undertaking. it has only been just barely a half-century since women have been introduced to some semblance of equality -  including birth control,  and the awareness of how disbalance  the world  of culture is. until this  present epoch,  women were congenital prone to raising children,  and from this aspect we have come a great deal forward,  with enormous steps yet to be taken still. 

America's Greatest Termina

The Cartoon Lounge: Cartooning 101 - The New Yorker

The Cartoon Lounge: Cartooning 101 - The New Yorker
Cartoon “Forget the whale, I have a new season of ‘Serial’ to obsess over.”
Shigeru Mizuki’s War-Haunted Art and Life - The New Yorker

Shigeru Mizuki’s War-Haunted Creatures

For those people who are making

 films about the  unmaking of the US mortgage market,  I have only one thing to say.

 you are wrong if we seemed to have fixed the problem.  what we have done is rebalanced the entire  mortgage market   to reflect a better distribution of risk.  it may seem that that risk is therefore better distributed,   but it is, -  happily or sadly -  not the case.  excluding half  of the riskiest players from the market means that it will only have two run a bit farther.  this is because the credit exhaustion is a log not a linear curve.  since the next president who wants to use money gained from a hyperbolic mortgage curve will have to begin looting a bit earlier,  that means that he will run out of fuel at precisely the same time.  which means that the next credit bubble -  whenever it occurs -  will run out before the second presidential election just as last one did,  and drop us in the same mess.

 the differences,  people will be hedging their bets not with euros but you want,  and give that does not scare you,   your even more Machiavellian  then the people who presided over the panic of 2007.

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