Friday, December 18, 2015

The Sanders Campaign Is in Big Trouble for Accessing Clinton's Voter Data

Ad Blockers Will Force Reforms in Online Marketing

The secret codes you’re not meant to know

Clash Erupts Between Bernie Sanders Campaign and Democratic Party

Long Drought Is Turning Iran Into a Desert

Black unemployment is significantly higher

When a volcanic apocalypse nearly killed life on Earth

Humans Slamming Into Driverless Cars Expose a Flaw

Democratic National Committee shuts off Sanders campaign’s access to list of voters

Mapping Saturn's Moons

Mapping Saturn's Moons

The New Attack on Hispanic Voting Rights

Sign This

The Riemann Hypothesis

Is neither true nor false in the four fold PM math. The question is what is the minimal way to form a Gödel number? Is it one of the knowns (unlikely) or not? Riemann hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia slightly slipshod description of the problem.

Guns are now killing as many people as cars in the U.S.

Islamic State offensive in northern Iraq

Beijing Issues a Second ‘Red Alert’ on Pollution

Paris Attack Roils Debate Over Migrants

Giant African snail eats crops and homes,

The Islamist War on Bloggers

The Islamist War on Bloggers
A list of eighty-four bloggers was sent to newspapers in 2013. Four are now dead.
I know I am not on it... So bombs away...