Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bernie Sanders: The Quiet Revolt by Simon Head

U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border

Christians in China feel full force of authorities’ repression

U.S. Pursued Secret Contacts With Assad Regime for Years

Who Runs Algeria?

Landslide Casts Shadow on China’s Success

Maryland accused of race discrimination

Apple's iTunes Is Alienating Its Most Music-Obsessed Users

Jed. Jeb! Jeb? Jebjeb.

Which Housing Markets Have the Most to Worry About

The wisdom of Jane Austen's Emma 200 years on



Bulgarian Border Police Accused of Abusing Refugees

December 23, 1913: The Federal Reserve Is Created

The Most Shocking Thing About Trevor FitzGibbon’s Behavior

The Most Shocking Thing About Trevor FitzGibbon’s Behavior Is How Common It Is
We are going  through a process by which women are slowly going to be treated more equally in the workplace.   Before now there were various factors that kept them down.  this will happen slowly until it happens quite quickly.

The Beatles are coming to Spotify and Apple

On my voyage to Dante, a note on symphony 1

Suicide with ill grace, all black with ill face.
Tlll the next opened unilllusioned rod
beats down
on sometimes shifted placed.

“Big Short”: Big Laughs

Risk of comet hitting Earth is greater than previously thought

A Christmas Carol: What was it that upset Charles Dickens?

In the Dirtiest Cities, Air Pollution Forces Life Changes