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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 12


Where was the lion going?

He was going to the stone table, and what's more, he was taking Lucy and Sondra with him. Because these two had not proven their worth yet. And they needed to do that, because all four had to be pure of heart, and clear of brain. There is one other thing that I should mention, so please bear with me. The original Pevensies were a English family, of they were white, as white as it got. But something happened, people of different colors liked the book. For example Ursula K the win wrote a trilogy based on a series of separate islands. And very suddenly world exploded, with each writer telling their own story. Some more good, some more bad, and many just ripped off. Then there were things like this, which set them selves in a story world, though they told different stories. For example, a number of fans did not like Susan being a traitor.

But the stone Table is the nexus of this tale. Either good or evil will prevail, until the last battle. On the good side, someone deserves nothing but praise will be slaughtered; on the evil side, one thinks he will be united, will only then see that he was evil. This is the moment that it, that is the table, will decide. Of course the witch felt that she had been wronged. She felt that every one in the world had had it out for her. She felt it was not her fault, someone else was to blame. She gathered around herself like minded creatures, who felt, as she did, they were misunderstood. They all had reasons why they could not do the right thing. In their own mind, they were, if not pure, at least misunderstood.

Now this is not the way that most people would describe them. Indeed everyone else felt that they took what they wanted. And that is the rub, their was always some reason why they had to have whatever was lying about. The first share of everything had to be theres, in less someone more powerful would take it from them. There are men and women in mortal world who behave this way to, and in the realm of Narnia what you see is a compressed form of this in action. What was the difference? Tell yourself why which always needed to have the first cut of meat, the first place of dessert, the first of anything that she wanted, and would give certain things to her favorite people when she want something. If you can understand this, then all else will follow. She is not as bad as Tash, but she walks in his footsteps. And remember, Tash is Persian for stone, and there is a reason for this.

On Aslan's side, he will give to others, and then will take for himself. He will give orders, but they are really for their own good. In other words, the Queen wanted things first, and that is what made her a witch, and Aslan one things for other people. And that makes all the difference in the world.

The three figures, Aslan, , Sandra and Lucy, were going down a quickly dimming path. Unlike ordinary times, Aslan was silent. Lucy and Sandra occasionally tried to speak with him, but he was not responding. Then finally he said: “This is my test, and I do not know if I will make it.”

“Of course youe will.” cry Lucy, though she in fact did know is he would.

But Sandra said: “What is the sign that you will one?”

“If I do not make up, then surrender yourself to the queen. If I do wake up, there is still a good chance that which will triumph. She is clever and cunning. And we will have to fight our best.”

“Is this it, then? There is any more?” sad Sandra, “I was just kidding use to this, and now it's gone.”

“Most things are. Sooner or later, everything comes to an end. Of course I genuinely hope that it's a beginning, and all of the wonders things will happen. But you have to put it in to practice. With the queen there are two possibilities: one that she is truly been wronged, or two, she will fight and win. With me there is only one: I really am who I say I am.”

“But, don't you see that that possibility is the only one that will have?” said Lucy.

“People may know from the outside, but inside it is called and dark. And all around me there is the stifling fear that I could be wrong.”

“But that is not possible.” pronounced Sandra, “you have been most kind and wonderful and gentle creature that we could imagine.”

“I hope you are right, but realize it is the test of things that matters.” On this he had a point. “I want the two of you to do something for me.”

Both girls agreed, even violently so.

“Remember she only has my body so long as it's living. To not under any circumstance allow her to tread across this line. My living body is hers, but my dead body is not hers. Remember this well, it is important.”

They had been going gently down, and the road was dark, and figures were around them, coming very close. They were individual shapes, with the kind of crowded pieces, each was individual shape, that moved from side to side. There was no rule for how many shapes they could display, most of them didn't even have two eyes, when three or more would do. Some were cats, and some were dogs, there was a scattering of Minotaurs, but mostly they could not be described in a feature. In fact, most of them could have been fish, or snake, or any other thing imaginable. Some were claiming, others slew, and still others combined the two, and felt as if they were both at once.

And in the midst of this was the witch. For a while she had worn a white long slim dress, but she had tossed it for one that was just a bit off of black. It wasn't quite black, but only creatures with senses for beyond what humans could ascertain, was that the case for all four of the humans, though Lucy had some odd visions now and again. What was more apparent was the number of jewels that were said in the brocade that she wore. These were older than this world, and of all things, they were treasurable to her, there were anklets, and wrists of black amethyst, there were necklaces, and things around her waist. These were precious to her because they had come with her from her life before. Her face was gaunt, that it is it was angular. Her robes from her shoulders without any trace of her hips. She wants indeed terrible to behold in the moonlight. There were many years holding candles and torches, each one of them revealed a different kind of figure. And their were at least 1000 figures that whisk in and out of the torchlight procession.

Then the witch held the her hand, signaling to each one of her followers that she wanted silence. And their was a desperate silence indeed.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself? I notice that you have left the boy, which was my wish.”

“What use is it of yours that he be here?”

“Since he had forfeited his right to be here, I demand justice. And I will send him to pay the ultimate penalty.”

She then showed the stone table in all of its glory. It was at least 10 m in length, and about about 1 m in length, it there was a low table. On it were written many strange things, though they could not be read, Aslan knew them to be penalties, often of extreme nature. They were harsh, but rarely enforced.

“I will take his place.” Muscling his jaw very firmly.

“That is your right, but it only works once, and for one time only.”

He had said the witch and he in motion. The witch knew that if she could condemn him to the slightest terror, the slightest tremor, then she would claim that he had not gone willingly to his death, and she could have the boy too. She also knew if he submitted, completely and utterly, that the boy will go free. She also knew that he work come back again. Because she knew that deeper magic from before the dawn of time would crack the stone tablet. It was then in her mind to do as nasty work as she could, and hope that Aslan would be terrified. Because the flaw in the witch's plan was she could not imagine just lying there and allowing someone to stab her. In her mind it was inconceivable. Therefore she conceived that if he became frightened, their would be some motion, some sign, and she would have him.

The lion merely stood there, accepting his fate.

Than she had the nerve to share him, which was not permitted, but was acceptable. And dozens of her followers eagerly complied. So before her his body, every inch of it, was denuded. The beings laughed at him, and laughed, and laughed. Then she had him rolled over on to his back. There was a terrorist in the air, and every breath was held. Because only then did she have him down, and not until then.

But the lion did not move an inch. He stood there, as if to challenge her authority, but in no way was there a single thing that she could point to.

The witch was enraged, because she was sure that the lion would have given her something with which to declare victory. But so far as anyone could see, not a muscle, down to his nails, did he even blink.

Then and only then did she have ropes to bind him. For ugly hags, with at least three heads, complied. They than bound him up as tightly as they could. Down to every claw. And then they checked their work, slobbering as they did so. It was quite a revolting sight. Then the witch closed in on the lions face.

“You think you have won, but who will protect them once you are gone?” she grimaced with a happy glee. “I will crush them, once you are gone.”

The lion did not breath a word, because even that would have been a violation. He just stared in to space.

Then she moved her hands and produced a stone knife. Then, to all the assembled company, she pulled a thread from her own hair, and proceeded to show everyone how sharp it was, by slicing it from stem to stern.

But even then, the lion did not move.

Then she raised the dagger and plunged it in to his heart. And held it there, and tell the final last drop. Then something happened. Saundra stood up on the table.

“That is enough, you have done your duty, and now it is time for me to collect the body.”

Now the witch, as I have said before, was not only evil, but lawful as well. She did not dare question her authority. Because not everyone was the same way, they would pull from them to them if they got there way. Even now several of them wanted to do so. But the lawful nature of her being would not allow this. And she could not turn the body of the lion over to them, because that would be just as much a violation as doing it herself. So, rather surprisingly to many of them, she stood a side. And just add that moment the table cracked, striking terror in to every living thing that was evil. They were flying, scampering, or fleeing in some way.

And left alone were the lion, the two girls, and mice. The stone tablet was destroyed, as the lion had suspected it might, but was not sure. The dawn was coming up, because now it was in fact it Midsummer night's dream, and what would happen next is like a phantom.

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 11


As I said, something wonderful appeared. In fact several wonderful appeared, at the very same instant. Realize, the animals, and I mean animals not fauns and other such folk, did not need particularly much fire, and were happy to get along without it. But humans did.

Currently there were only four humans on Narnia. Or at any rate on this Narnia, there be for more than one of them, in fact far more than you can otherwise imagine. One of them, Eddie, looked into what struck his eye. There were so many sites and sounds, but the one thing that stood out was the large towering figures, stretching up 40 or 50 m. but they were human. What's more, they were probably African American, which was strange. It was strange partially because there garb was definitely European in its aspect. They were trailing elongated robes, as was the custom in the middle ages, he did not realize that there were African males who in fact worthies, for example in paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, who was late medieval and early Renaissance. Very little else is known about him.

He did not realize that is the were shifting themselves, so he could absorb the figures. There were 12 of them, six males and six females, each male beside a female. They were grave, and just a bit somber. They looked looked upwards, as if praying to God. Then he realized that the line was halfway to extinguished, and their were two living figures that he had to a grip upon. That was the bird and the rodent.

Then at face level and below, he looked for them to see what they were looking at. The bird was looking at the same things he was, but with a difference. Where as he looked at their faces, and understood that they were human, in this was good; the bird looked at their faces, and realized that the Narnia he had known had a back story that was different from any that he knew before. He was also, quite clearly, alarmed and panicked. These were not supposed to be here, the bird thought. Meanwhile the rodent was quite different in his aspect. First of all he knew that they were there, and was not looking up in to there faces, but in to the ground, as if to say that he was lost. He didn't want the bird to know, and was trying to hide it. But the fire did away with that. Then just as the fire was going out, he looked upwards to Eddie. And what Eddie saw was a burning grip of hatred, there being no other word for it. Then just as the fire went out, the bird looked down at him, and saw that look.

Then the fire was out, and the bird and the rodent were intensely looking at the other.

Than the bird spoke: “Why did you lie about this?”

The rodent replied: “I didn't exactly lie to you.”

“You said there were no humans.”

“There aren't, these are effigies. There not exactly human. There is not one bone among them. You hadn't asked whether someone left a monument to a person.” Even in his ire, he was have that he furnished the gift of gab on the bird. If you had been told, the bird was quite stupid, even for his own kind.

“But why did you not mention these things?”

“You had asked, and I was not going to tell you unless you specifically asked for an effigy.”

“But I don't know what one is, to ask about.”

“That not mine concern.”

It was increasingly clear that the rodent did not care about the bird, and in fact, seemed rather peculiar. Then it hit Eddie that the rodent was not who he said was. Then it struck him that there were probably a few matches left in his pocket, if he could find them. He wondered while he searched for matches what the creature actually was. He had already guessed that it wasn't animal, but was instead some half human/half something else entirely. But he did not know what.

Then, while reaching in to his pocket, there were many eyes where there had only been two. And the were not mammalian or bird, but reptile. The bird took off, it gained several feet upward. While below the many creatures eyes were staring this way and that way, and then he realized they were the same creature. Is stared at him, and the bird, when finally a match was lit.

The fire illuminated what it was: a cobra with nine heads, which he vaguely recognized as a Greek figure. He had seen one on a tour that he had been on. The cobra eyed one set towards the bird, and the rest on Eddie, who was clearly the one who the cobra worried about. Which was sensible, because there was not much to be done about the bird.

The cobra test at him, and spoke in a much lower tone of voice. “Well now that you see me I will have to eradicate you from existence.” There was no doubt that he meant what he said. The problem was if he held the candle, he could see very well where the cobra was, but he had only one hand to do anything about it. Where as if he dropped the match, he had two hands, but the match would be out, and he would be blind. He was not sure that the cobra would be as blind as he was. He wasn't sure, it was probably in a text that he had not read. Though now he wished he had. This was a note to read things that were not about movie stars and such, and though he did not know it, he would listen to this in future. It is often the case that fear marshal the will. If only people would reason they would be better off, but at least some people learned from their mistakes, at least in crisis.

It was at that point that he realized he didn't have two drop, instead he could toss the match, and with a brief second, launch in to and attack. The only problem was he didn't have any thing to attack with. But that was a soluble problem compared to where he had been before. He just needed to find something, along a direct route to the cobra.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw what he was looking for. It was a stalactite, lying on the ground, it had probably fallen some time ago. Then it was simply a matter of tossing the match up, and grabbing the stalactite, and hoping that he would be there before the cobra could be elsewhere. This was a tremendous leap for him, teaching the high that he had to throw the match, and at the same time grabbing the stalactite, was the first time that he had ever done to things at the same time. But before that, he needed to calm the situation down, so he would strike at the particular instant.

“Why don't you strike first?” taunted Eddie. “Your game is finished, and now there is nothing left to do.”

“Oh I will strike when I am ready.” What Eddie did not realize, was that snakes were slow, they needed time to unwind, and then strike.

Now if Eddie had been as he was, he would have been dead. But the magic that wraps Narnia had been working upon him, and now he was just ready to do this. So as the snake was just coiling up, a split second before Eddie was throwing the match and reaching for the stalactite. I won't say it was not the best move in the world, but it was enough. He tossed the match, and grabbed at the same time. Then with both feet on the floor, he stabbed, and got his other hand. There was a moment which could have gone both ways, for the cobra was just slow enough that it did not have quite the grip that needed. So there was a struggle, and the cobra might have won yet - but to things happened. One was the bird came down, and with its strange sort of shriek had distracted the cobra by just enough. The other thing that happened, was that Eddie pushed back and behind the cobra was a little push to the left, which made the cobra's grip unstable. Even so, one of the maws of the cobra slash and tour, leaving a trace of blood in its wake. Immediately Eddie realized that there was venom and his right arm contracted, even as the cobra was dead.

“I'm hit, save yourself bird.”

“I'm not going anywhere without you.” And he meant it. Though he had been slow to recognize the problem, he was loyal enough to know that the human was part of his family.

“Why not save yourself?”

But the bird was going to answer this, the discussion had been closed. Then Eddie realized that some people were loyal, and he should reciprocate.

“Where are we going now?”

The bird wasn't a good enough linguist to explain that a little bit farther on the cave would shrink back to a single point. And it was at that point that the bird, and what he thought was the rodent, would tear the boy from limb to limb. But now they were headed upwards, to another channel which would lead them to the above ground. And full would be surprised, because the snow was melting, even as far from Father Christmas as they were.

“What do we do now?”

“The problem is I don't know if the Queen is back in her castle.”

“I do, and she's not. What is back in her castle?”

“Terrible things, anytime that an animal or other creature crosses her. Well let's just say they had wished they'd died.”

“Is this something worse than dying?”

“Imagine that your frozen in stone, but your eyes moves, and you can still see everything.”

“Is there some way we can reverse this?”

“There is a good centaur who may help us.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“Well there is a problem.”

Eddie's heart sank, because he that he had something wrong, and now he was going to pay the penance.

“What is that?” though he knew it was going to involve something that he would not like. But then he realized that it was not a punishment, but a penance. The difference between these two is that punishment is inflicted on you because the punisher can, wear as a penance is there to instruct, and hopefully guide. While punishment is something that you reduce, pennants is something that you willingly go through.

“Well I need to get right with Aslan, for all things I have done. And I think that your the same way.”

Eddie knew that when he first came to Narnia, he would not listen to anyone, and nothing would be off-limits. He had grown, so he knew now that he would have to grow more, and take whatever role he would be offered. He realized that that Queen was in reality, a witch, and nothing could make her in any way the one to serve.

“Let's go. If we have to pay costs, so be it. After all, this is a magical place, and we will take in stride. That isn't the way that things work in my home world, mind you.”

“It's a strange place your home is. Why do people put up with it?”

“I don't really know, but I suppose there is a reason.”

So they said to find the centaur, which they did, and they in fact did make pennants. Thus they were delivered, and set about freeing the animals that were said in stone. What the pennant was, is not important to this, suffice to say it was done.

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Bitcoin is Nash space

 admittedly a kind of fuck up N-space.  but think of it as the limit of n space  in physical terms.  basically,  if something can be done as the NSpace  in irradiated  cooling,  then it will be. 

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W Hugh Woodin


This needs to be better known.

The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 10


The army was on the march. There were three great contingents: one of talking animals, who had stayed in Narnia; one of centaurs and other magical people, who had stayed to the north of Narnia, though it was cold there; and the last were of fauns, many of whom, had until recently, spy on the evil witch. And above everyone else there was Aslan, who was present everywhere. The sun was out of the clouds, and their was a rainbow to guide them to their ultimate destination. Only the centaurs and like actually had battle gear, the rest of them relied on their fur, and whatever things they could muster out of their homes. The centaurs were often going hither and young, to tell any people that Aslan had arrived. Generally this meant that one group of animals would go towards Aslan, and one group went away, going to the witch. In general, beavers, centaurs, and all upstanding went towards Aslan. Where as foxes, wolfs, and other thoroughly nasty types went to the witch. While there were a few exceptions, in both directions, overall the lines had been drawn.

But one area was the exception: underground did not contribute any to either side.

While other members of the Army would skip, or walk, Aslan moved at a sedate pace, all on his own, as if marching to the beat of another drummer. Gradually, others moved in time with lion, even if they could not help it. The Lion was chewing out orders, some softly given, some a bit more harshly, but even the lion most gentle voice was a great deal softer than the witches. Eddie would have recognized it, and the rest of the children, would scream and moan from the witches treatment.

At first only Peter was ahead with the lion. He was taking orders from him, and listened to the sound of his voice.

“Why am I one who was picked out of so many others? And why am I in what looks to be somewhere in the Northwest what looks to be Europe or England? Why am I not in Africa, with all of the rest of my ancestors?” confessed Peter.

“If you were truly African, you might well be there. But you were chosen because you are American, and as such, you are about half German and English, and one half African. And I am not hard of an African group. Because it's me that shows you, and I come from to families: one from Northwest, and the other from what could said to be semitic in nature.”

“When did that happen?”

“Only in the blink of an eye by my standards. You might have been African, and seeing many different forms than these, but that was not what happened. For a very long time, the Africans and Europeans were separate, with only the fathers from Europe mixing with the mothers of African descent. Then it exploded, and you could not tell who was European, and who was African. Though people tried to figure it out, mostly by skin color, which actually was not a reliable way of telling. Me people who think they are European, have African blood, and many people who look African have European genes. It was different in European, but not by much. People have been mixing for a very long time on European continent.”

Peter did not did not completely understand, but he was trying. He remembered that his grandfather was in fact white, though he didn't think much about it. But what he did understand, was that all of the races were in fact the same. He looked at his feet, and tried to say something, but could not spit it out. It was as if it was a blown in the throat, and he could not chew.

“So what to we do now, is this a place filled with strangers?”

“This place has happened many times to me different groups of boys and girls. You're not the first, and you will not be the last.”

This Peter understood with great clarity. He and his merry troop were not the first and were not the last, but instead part of an endless cycle, as if dozens of children were going to go out to the theater, and come back and think of them selves as King or Queen. Only every one would think that there story was unique, because it was exactly the same as anyone else's story.

Looked out, and stared straight into a ravine, it was a long step, and he realized they had stopped here for an excellent reason. It was a long way down, but thought he heard voices from down below, they were strange because they did not sound human, but feral, as if made by a cat.

“What is below?” Inquired Peter, listening for an utterance which was not coming.

“You have to prove yourself, and only you.” replied the line.

Down below there were two voices, with a great deal of viciousness within them. While he did not hear them distinctly, he was sure that they were planning something awful, and he realized that he and only he could stop them. The tail would stop for it had really begun, if he did not do something about it.

“What do I do?” Ask Peter.

“That's your decision, but realize everything else will flow from the decision that you make. You can be heroic, you can be stealthy. And all sorts of other choices. But it is only for you to judge. No one else will make it for you.”

“ I read a book by CS Lewis, but your saying that it is my choice what happens in these sets of books. And whatever I decide will be how it is for my two sisters, and brother.”

“Your brother has made one choice, and will make a second choice, but it will be your story. Because this is the moment that defines what it will be like. For all times, in all places. You may have read all of the books, but now it comes time to make a decision. And it is yours to make."

“So I could, for example, go down and join the witch, rather than you?”

“Yes you could, but remember the rest of the world will make its own decisions. And you might not like them, even a small bit.”

He remembered something, about a person who choose between being fair, and going on with her life. He thought this was in the second book, but he was not sure. At first he thought it would fine to look so handsome, because just now he would be popular with the girls. It was a unique prospect. But then he looked at pictures, and saw that not everything was right with the world. People who thought he was fine the way he was, did not liking being so handsome. Though he didn't look at any pictures, there being none too see, because it was in the next book, he knew right then that he didn't want that reality.

He also didn't want to reality of sneaking around, because it would not be a noble thing, and was noble. He wondered, for an instant, what his younger brother would do. Then he realized, his brother was not completely formed, and would do whatever his brother wanted him to do. Thus, it was not just for himself, but his two sisters, and his younger brother.

Then with reckless abandon, he went down the ravine, and result to face whatever was there. Many people would not have made this decision, but Peter was not among them. So he tried through the thicket which was a little below, and resolved to face it head on. It was the noble thing to do, and that was Peter.

The moment he said put in the brambles, he was caught by surprise. There was teeth in his left arm, and then in his right. If he had been a little boy, which was not to long ago, he would have been spliced in too small pieces. But he had grown up, and faced head-on is problem. He saw a cat as large as himself, ready to take another piece out of him. But Peter was not going to give it that chance, and made a gamble, thrusting straight forward into its throat. But he remembered that there were two, and he didn't see the other one.

But he heard him, and without question, without even really reflecting on his actions, turned around, and with an even strip sliced the cat from stem to stern. And that was that, though he fumbled with the sword pulling it out of the brambles. He stood and listened for a third, but there was no third. There was only the sound of his own breathing. He was alive, and hail. He didn't know exactly how he did it, but it was done. At his feet there were two cats, as dead as a door nail, to use the expression of Dickens.

Then around by his back, there was another threat, but he knew that this was Aslan, coming to congratulate him.

“You made the right decision.” Said the lion.

“You could have done this yourself. Why didn't you?”

“Because then you would not have known if you could do it yourself.” Replied lion. And that was that. It was getting late, and Aslan had other things to attend to. “You done your work well. Now it is time for your sisters do their work. Can I leave you to set up camp? Give me your sword.”

Peter did so, knowing that he would arise from being knight, proud of this fact.

Aslan knighted him, and then handed the sword back. There was no more to referring to Peter, he was Sir Peter. And that made all of the difference.

So Peter and Aslan climbed their way out of the thicket, and directed some faun to take care of the bodies. Once up in the pavilion, they regaled everyone, especially a naiad and to dyads with tale of how Peter slew is first pair of tigers, for that is what they were. No one saw Aslan going away, but they didn't notice that Saundra and Lucy were missing as well. Once Peter had made a decision, all of the other parts were put in to motion.

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 9


Now things are dark, and a little bit earlier. When I was a teenager, typing away at a truly bad manuscript, I was down in the basement - amiss all of the electron optics, who's work was my grandfathers of obsession - every so often, I would go up the stairs - and on a clear night - there were stars against a soft deeply blue. That was the difference between the last chapter and this, in reverse – the difference between the inner black, and the outer blue. If only they - that if the characters- could just look up and see the stars, the way Dante could - in their exact positions in some ordered heaven - which only he could see. But neither Eddie, nor the bird, nor the rodent, could divine either the Narnian constellations- which CS Lewis did paint, though not in any detail - or the constellations of Earth. Which, of course, many people have painted over the years, of course. Cassiopeia, and the summer triangle of the northern sky, the archer, and the red of Antares – which is truly ante- Ares, or Mars if you will. The same was coming to Narnia skies, there was a change to summer stars, because of course Narnia skies used magic – and there had never been seen such summer stars in a number years.

Eddie was confused, but for different reasons. At first he had blessed himself for having gotten away from the witch. But now he was more confused then before. He was in a dark hallway, much of the time not even really seeing, only in glimpses that passed without understanding. And a few seconds or so seeing one, but not both, of the eyes that he knew were the birds eyes, or the rodent eyes, but never both at once. And really it was only a snapshot of the eyes, and then was gone. It wasn't as if there were a smooth continuity, it was more like a flash, of flash of eyes that glimmering from the blackness, and then were gone. There were other images, and he did not know which ones were real.

Obviously, he wanted to know what was real, and what was simply in his head. He never thought about this, he assumed that, with rare exceptions, everything that was going on around around him, divided neatly in to outside of his head which he received through the senses. Though of course he did think of them quite like that. And in his head, which transformed from out of nowhere.

As I said, here to for, their was only very rare exceptions, and he knew them afterwards as having been a dream, though he didn't realize at the time. It was disturbing, he thought, that he would never know if something had been from outside, or inside, the mind itself. It was so disturbing, that he tried not to think about it at all. But it was bubbling up, partially because the bird and the rodent were not quite then selves, or rather, there was something that they were hiding. Now Eddie didn't know what it was, but he was fairly sure that he wasn't supposed to guess it. This made him running around trying to ascertain what it could possibly be. It couldn't be too hard to guess, mind you, because they weren't very bright, or at least it seemed so. With this as a parameter, he would guess that it had something to do with the witch. It seems that I should be writing on Milo, the main character of Norton Juster book, the Phantom Tollbooth, because he is very much the same kind of character, and has “a which” not “a witch”. There are all sorts of parallels between CS Lewis and Norton Juster. One of the main differences is that Norton Juster is Jewish, and does not take his world war seriously than it deserves. But there is a similarity, want happens when a child peers into their universe, and makes a story. Realize there is a point where this happens, and then later on, he wants to make it so everyone can it, an then he finds out just how hard this actually is. So most of them give up, or will not know if they have any audience. Sometimes they will die before people read their works, or will then in the proper context - perhaps because the proper context is the one that important people want them in. such as CS Lewis.

There is one other similarity - CS Lewis and Norton Jester like to play tricks on unsuspecting people, though CS Lewis was more polite about it.

Getting back to the original point, that of Eddie and his two, well they're not friends, but close enough - to imagine them as friends with a secret. He gradually listened harder to what they were saying, and it became clear that they both thought the was clearly more deaf than he was.

It was the bird who talked first, at least it was the bird who was clearest. “Do you think that we have led him on, enough?”

“I think so. But we should dip around a few turns more.”

“I don't think I recognize any of this, this was done by humans I think.”

“I don't think their were any humans,” replied the rodent, “it's just a myth.”

“You live to far under ground, there are definitely humans that painted these walls.”

“Horse feathers, is just your imagination running away and dreaming up men and women. I tell you there are no humans that have trod on this ground.”

“You probably are right,” Interjected the bird, “but I can't help but thinking, there may be some truth.”

“You are dreaming.”

“Then everyone else must be dreaming the same dream. After all, there is one human, at least.”

The rodent replied, but Eddie could not make out what it was. But it probably was more of the same, though the rodent was winning the battle, the battle of who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes. Even when people see something, they resist and return to their previous conception. In this case, that humans were a myth, even though they had one with them, and were leaving him, at least Eddie thought so, too certain death.

This disconcerted Eddie, because he had offered his friendship, and they were scheming to get rid of him. It was clear that, while they weren't aligned with the witch, when things came down to it, they would rather take the unpleasant thing that they knew, rather than take a chance with something that was possibly pleasant, but they didn't know for sure.

Then he thought, why not say so, in interrupt the fantasy that he had not heard what they were talking about. He thought the bird would understand, but he was not so sure about the rodent. And he wanted to carry both of them into the light. Even were it the kind of light which is the darkness of stars, because even that would be better than this. He didn't know where it came from, because he didn't know that he knew Tolkien, but there was a crack in his mind. In it he saw something that was not human, but he didn't know what it was. It had a long face, and a few teeth, as well as eyes that were larger than its face should truly allow for. And he heard a word, “Gollom” which he had not not heard before, but he knew that he had heard it first from the outside, it wasn't his own creation. He had actually heard it from his aunt, who was quite a good deal wiser then the children suspected.

But he knew that the rodent and Gollom were of the same type of creature, always managing to think about their own needs first. Even if they didn't know what those needs actually were. They were also both misshapen, with one or the other side slightly crooked. There was a odd sort of symmetry to this, though he didn't know how that would happen. But he realized that he was going to have two act, and very soon.

“You know, I can hear you.” Then he fumbled for the words, “even if not very well.”

There was a commotion, the bird shooting back his eyes, and they were as round as could be. Then the rodent's eyes glanced over him, and they were different. They said something like:“how dare you ruin what I was doing?” It was in that instant that Eddie knew that the rodent was never going to accept the fact that he was real. That some time in the not too distant future, there was going to be a common to terms, though he didn't think that a fight would be the way. It would be something more devious. The word “diabolical” was not exactly correct, but in time, it could become so.

Than he realized that he and the bird would have to come to terms, and he would have to convince the bird that was a better friend than the rodent. But how to do this, since he was not a very fine talker, and the bird was the not the best listener. He realized, however, that if it was going to be anyone, it would have to be him. Strangely enough that gave him confidence, that he could feel. And then his mouth opened up and he began talking.

“Do you want to face the witch, alone, like that?” There was no talking up ahead of him, merely turning through corners in to a large open space which had things in it, but they were not visible. And then he realized, there was something that the rodent was hiding from the bird, namely the contents of this room. So he said: “What are you hiding from us?”

“Who says that were hiding something?” The rodent replied, though there was a cough to his answer, which the bird caught.

“I do,” said Eddie, “and it must be a secret because you not only hidden it from me, but from the bird as well.”

“What sort of secret could there be? There is nothing in this room.” Sputtered the rodent, and crawling up on his hind legs.

“Have you ever seen what in this room?” asked Eddie persistently.

“Well, I haven't.” Replied the bird.

There was a pause, which the rodent should have filled in with a denial
“What about you, Mr. Rodent?”

“I didn't say anything.”

“Does that mean that you haven't seen anything in this room, or that you have and don't want to talk about it?”

Again, there was silence from the Rodent. Finally, he said: “What is it of your concern?”

“It means nothing to me. But your friend the bird would be interested if there was something to see, and you had hid it from him.”

At this point the birds eyes, because remember that is largely what you saw, begin pointing to the rodent, and away from Eddie. “I heard you say that there was nothing important.”

“Well, that's not exactly what I said.” Protested the rodent, and he shrank a little bit under the pressure.

“The bird and I would like to hear what you would say now. That is if it is any different from what you meant then.” The bird rapidly agreed with this, even before thinking about it.

Now a clever evil being, like the witch, would rapidly spin a lie as complex as you like. But remember the rodent was not even remotely comparable to her. Instead he was spinning his wheels, trying to figure out what to do. And spinning his wheels was enough of a clue that their was something wrong in this room. In fact, the bird, did not know how large the room it was, though he suspected that the rodent did. Which was again suspicious. In fact, it weighed heavily.

So the bird asked the rodent: “Is there something that I should know?” a more eloquent would put curly cues, and made a more eloquent collection, but that would be the opening for the rodent to slip in enough of misdirection to clamber out of the trap. The pause was voluminous, and the rodent swallowed himself up in to its cavernous weight. This was more than the bird could take.

“I thought we would share everything, because we're both alone.” Cried the bird.

Then Eddie picked through his pockets, and found a match. It wasn't the modern kind of match, which would only strike if a matchbook was present. No he had gotten it from the aunt, and it would strike all by itself. So he took it out of his pocket, and proceeded to strike.

     And something wondrous appeared...

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 8


Now we are in the woods, and what a difference it makes. Their was something cool about the air, and it was pressure, having learned from East, which in these lands was towards the sea. The three children, and two beavers, noticed immediately. You see, when they got there, there was no wind at all, and there had not been endless tempest the witch had ordered it. This was one of the clues that you should run away, because if there was storm - soon enough there would be the witch. And for most people that was a bad idea.

So for all of 100 years, there had not been a fresh breeze – calling its way down the cooling trees. And the three children and two beavers noticed it, as I said before.

If you are looking at Eddie, the space he exists between is added and dark, really dark night. If you think of the three children that are outside - even if I don't mention in the moon, which CS Lewis does not most of the time - it is still lighter. It is wider, because there's no claustrophobic about the place. Yes, it's still dark - and I won't get away from this fact - but there is a large difference, between being under ground, where it is truly dark - and being on top of the surface, even if it's covered with trees. Since you are reading this, you cannot help but notice the difference between the underground, and the above ground.

Since this is above ground, and a fresh wind is carrying along everything, Peter, Lucy, and even Sandra, are standing quite a good deal more upright, than when they first walked in. And of course this goes for the beavers as well. Everything feels that it has changed when behind it, because as he is coming very close at hand. Peter was ahead looking at the rocks that had once had glaciers, but were now running free. There was a falls here, the top one was the lowest but widest, the middle part was the highest but narrow, and the bottom was midway between the two. It was glorious, because it had not been here just a few hours before, instead it was frozen, as all else would be. But now the falls were running quite free, and everything around them was slowly making its way too doing the same.

It was now that they had been about for while, that this truly was different, because a blowing breeze makes all the difference in the world. Peter was the most different, but everyone had the same spry step. The girls and mama were giggling, sometimes quite loudly.

“I've never seen these falls before,” Said Papa beaver, “they only been ice.”

“I only seem water coming from a fire hydrant.” Commented Peter.

“What's that?”

“In the middle of the town, fires break out. Especially in the poorer sections.”

“That's sounds dreadful.”

“More than you would imagine, because there are millions of people.”

Papa couldn't visualize millions if he wanted to, so instead just nodded. What he did know his Peter and his sisters came from a very strange world, and was sure that he didn't want to experience it. He also knew that his world once orderly and created by the Emperor Over the Sea, where as he wasn't sure about Peter's world. And he imagined that Peter didn't either, let alone his two sisters.

“I wonder what will happen when the go to your world. Though I would not be the one to go there, mind you. I'll stay right here, and listen to stories.”

“I'm sure you would. I like this world better as well.”

“Then why did your world even have to exist?”

“My world is much older.”

Again, the beaver nodded. He realized that not only did he like the world better, but many of the people from Peters world would as well. He relies that this might be the reason for his world's existence.

Now this is different between CS Lewis, and his Christian followers. CS Lewis wants to persuade them, and thus, doesn't want to bludgeon them to death with his point. But the followers want to hammer the point home, more or less from the get-go. That point is very simple: the world is good, because a good God created it. Nothing more and nothing less. But CS Lewis when he is writing book, does mean that there are not points to the discussed, but his Christian followers want to talk endlessly about. And they don't want any non-believer, even one who attends the same church, to read the works in question.

Where as CS Lewis wants to tell the tale, and every so often mind all of the readers of Who, and no I did not say who, the main topic of the story is. This enrages the followers, and since they control the content, they think they will get the last word.

Peter and Papa were first over the crest, and they could see further in the distance that people, over other animals, had erected some tents. Not the kind of tents in our world, but grand and tall. They were cream and turquoise, and all sorts of other colors, all of which were bright and shown in the moonlight. There, there is a moonlight in this world, even if there isn't in CS Lewis.

“That's the Army of Aslan.”

In real terms, it was not all that large, but it really wasn't the problem. What was: was how large was the enemy. But Peter was disappointed, and Lucy was crushed. They had been introduced to the world by masses of people, and this was very small indeed. But Sondra was looking at the Army, and said:
“This is a fine brave crew.”

Peter and Lucy agreed that they were, and that was more important. After all the Greeks had beaten 1 million, or so it is said, the Persians, and begin the age of Europe. And that was in this world, with bronze weapons and charioteers.

All of them chased down the hill, and were amazing refreshed after several hours of walking, or in fact running.

Slowly they saw the people, or rather, centaurs and other folk who manned the ramparts. Not one of them was human. And if slowly dawn on the children that they were indeed, different from everyone else. It needs feel proud, and special, and resolve to be the people that they were meant to be. Even if it would hurt, even if they didn't make it. Which was entirely different from how they were before. I say this because CS Lewis said it. It was important to him, especially at the second book.

When they were a mile away, they looked over the tents, but then they were under the tents for thousand meters or so, and this managed to make it different. Most of all, things were clean, clear even then on earth. It was as if everything had been blown fresh and new. Then it hit Lucy, that Aslan was part of collection, that is, he was not an adult from their world. And just at this moment, something emerged from the darkness, it was a lion. And truly a magnificent lion it was. It was sleek and smooth, as if it had just been given a bath. It's maw was tense, and gripping, as if it had been giving orders. It looked up, and saw Father Christmas, who was a jolly old elf, and was skipping a long merrily, though his sleigh was supported by nothing in particular.

The lion addressed Father Christmas, that's St. Nicholas for those of us in the United States.

“Do you have the things for the Kings of Adam, and Queens of Eve?”

Father Christmas simply not towards his black bag, and tilted his finger to his nose. It was a gesture which he had done many times before. Moves elfs are dainty, and in this world, but not JRR Tolkien's world just around the block, they are shorter than most. But father Christmas is the exception which proves the rule: he is fat, though jolly. And he is a good deal taller than a man.

Then the lion turned to Peter, and said:

“Welcome, you might be the one that will take the high thrown from the witch, though she calls herself queen. But I thought there were four of you. What has happened to the younger son of Adam?”

“He's not with us. I don't know where he went to.”

“He probably is with the most awful person in Narnia,” Lucy said, “ and won't come back even if we asked him to.”

“No, the most awful person is Tash, and he is the same person I am.”

“I don't understand.” Sandra remarked. “Who is Tash?”

“Tash is a reflection of me. Where as I am good, he is evil. But your brother isn't with him.”

“Maybe he's with the witch.” Mama remarked. “Because, even if she's not as bad as Tash, she still evil enough for us.”

“That is possible, she is cunning.”

“But wait,” said Lucy “I thought you knew everything.”

“No but my father does, but his knowledge is greater than mine.”

“I am afraid I don't understand.”

“Nor will you and tell you can be like me, which is at the end of world.”

“Is that a long time from now?”

“It's an eternity, and an instant. But it is better not to talk about this, because you will get confused until it is the right time.”

“I guess I will have to take your word on that.”

Then Sandra interrupted: “What about Eddie? Are we doomed without his intervention?” she was very proud of the word “intervention”, having just learned it a couple of weeks before.

“We will see. At this point all that he has lost is Father Christmases gift. Which is important, but he can do without it, and you will not notice it, virtually, at all.”

“Your sure about this? I would hate to lose anything.” Peter was annoyed, how could Eddie lose anything, when every little bit could make the difference.

“Worry about him coming in late, because that will be damaging. But for now, it's only a minor setback.”

Peter looked up at the pavilions, and notice that the creep of dawn was lapping up the tips of the ramparts. It was clear that the day here was shorter than on earth, though it may not have been even, he thought.

“So what do we do right now?”

“Well first of all,” declared father Christmas, “you should take these, so that I can go!”

The three children agreed on this, with Lucy getting a small bottle that was clear, and Sondra getting a quiver of arrows, and Peter getting a sword. They didn't find out what Eddie would have gotten. Then Father Christmas went on his way, up in to the sky. The reindeer were as white as snow, and blazoned with gold on the trimmings. It then seemed that father Christmas was not tall at all, but short, having disguised himself very well, perhaps because he carried toys for his presents.

“Peter, you must come with me. We have some things to discuss, which only you can know.”

With that Peter and Aslan with in to the nearest of pavilion, which was seen to be whiter than the whitest thing they had seen. Meanwhile, Lucy and Sandra looked out over the land and the water, and for very first time saw Caer Pavalet. It was magnificent castle, built in the manner of the 1300s. It rose from deep below to high above, glistening in the waning moonlight, and rising steadily with the sun. there was one tower greater than all the others, though three of them were almost as tall. It was very tall, like in most movies, and there was a bluish cast to its hue. At the dockside there were three moats that opened out on the shorter side, towards the land.

“It's beautiful,” remarked Lucy.

“I hope it will stay, though that's going to be decided.”

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 7


It is a powerful torrent of water, and it comes by night. The witch - like all of her adopted children - seeks out not the light, but the darkness, where it can to the most damage, and surprise all that surround them. This is why most of the folk do at least some time in the twilight that, if not entirely pleasant, is safer than the day. Even in perpetual ghostly patterns, at least half of then would prefer night as opposed to a cold morning winter. And the proportion grows if there are creatures that love darkness, and will feed amply. Not all of the blackest of black serve Queen, some of them avail themselves, but do not actually do much. As E. Gary Gygax pointed out, among several others, there is both good and evil, and law and chaos. The which was both evil and lawful, she wanted everything her own way. Many of her minions however, just wanted to see things, as the film director wrote, they just wanted to see things bleed. That's Christopher Nolan by the way.

I say this, because there in the dark were the witch, Eddie, and a footman- who wasn't exactly loyal - going through the woods, along a path. They were never going to see the other three children, because those three children were not on a path. The beavers were chaotic, but only just, they wanted things their own way, but they wanted everyone to have their own way. Thus the witch wasn't going to find them, or indeed most of the talking animals, because the lawful good, if I may use that expression, will have been hunted down, or they would be with Aslan, who of course was the epitome of lawful good.

But chaotic evil wanted to be near the witch - but not too near - to hunt out the smaller creatures and eat them. Though they would eat them slowly, and they would them alive as long as possible. To near the witch, and she would impress them, to do her dirty work. And remember chaos dislikes order, as much as evil hates good. So chaos once to be close to law to get goodies, but not so close as to be impressed to servitude. You have to know these words, because without them, you will not get very far in explaining yourself.

So just out of spell reach, their were the most unpleasant creatures, not only were they evil, but they were chaotic as well. And say what you will about the witch, she would not hurt someone with out a good reason. It didn't have to be much of a reason, mind you.

The witch was in fact thinking of what to do, they had been going through the trees, and she by her good memory, knew where to step to stay on the proper path. In fact, she almost didn't recognize that she was on a path at all, that part of her brain took care of things. She was thinking what to do once she had killed Eddie, because it was probably going to happen, but she was not quite sure yet. Almost, perhaps by the morning he would be dead.

The branches were of the coniferous version, of the deciduous version had long since died. Here and there there were frozen insects, they were the non-talking kind, frozen as if they had not gotten away. Also on the branches were several songbirds that were caught, singing away. Here and there there were other signs that she, the witch that is, had taken over almost instantaneously. She turned to her footman, and rapidly screen sum orders. It was at that point that any decided to leap from the sleigh, and get away from her.

What a chaotic mess it was! Notice that I'm using an Exclamation Point, though Wikipedia calls it Exclamation Mark, and not just inside quotation marks. This is a sign of a subjective reader, not an objective one. Eddie tripped over the side, not being too good with his hands, the witch, who was better with her hands, but doing things with both, screamed out that he was getting away. The footman, who was at this moment crumpling a paper to one of his friends, found himself caught like a deer in the headlights. He did not expect the witch, or as he thought of her, the queen, to be ordering him around. Thus the entire sleigh was going over, with everyone pending for him, or her, self.

What happened was that Eddie spilled down the whole, which had been dug by a family of groundhogs, and because it was night, he disappeared. Witch and the footman continued to tear across the field, not getting them selves together for about 40 m or so, by which time it was to late to figure out which hole Eddie had gone down.

There witch was furious, and berated the footman quite a good deal, which didn't help at all. Gradually she came to realize that this would not do any good at all. So she took the reins of the slide, and after a quick look around, realized that she was not going to find the little boy.

Eddie, for his part, only just realized that he'd been shunted down, below the ground, only he didn't know where. He saw a plain, but only for an instant. This was foothills and grass that had grown up. Aslan was getting to work. What Eddie knew was it was a strange dry hole, which probably was lived in. So he got going down the slalom ramp, which seemed to lead to the most likely group of inhabitants. What ever they were, though he did not know whether they would be better or worse.

Then he reached in branch, one side was just dirt and , sand, but the other side was ornate and older than the rest of it. He could see that there were symbols, carved in the ground. This was not something that could be duplicated. They are were people, though they were stick figured people, the animals however were realistic, and they moved in herds. He could recognize a woolly mammoth, among many. The male was defending the path, while the female and a child escaped. They were not completely realistic, but they were close. Then he saw something strange, it was a lion, with a halo, the first time he had ever seen one on a lion, in Narnia, or on Earth, with a halo.

What he did not know, was that someone was staring at him. He, that is the observer, wasn't very tall, and is saying something, but he was round. In fact he was almost as wide as he was tall, but that was mainly fur. Than another set of eyes came forward, these were even smaller then the first pair of eyes, and their was something odd about. First of all, though this was not as odd as it seems, the eyes were completely black, but that is to of many creatures. And they were small, which is to of many fewer. But what is noticeable, is they did not have fur but feathers. If you will notice, CS Lewis doesn't really have birds, he has mammals, and he has also sorts of creatures which are have men and have beast, but he doesn't really have birds. And it can't that all of the birds are small, because emu, and ostriches, are quite large. This was, therefore, a decision on his part that I am going to overrule. As did CS Lewis, when he decided that a mouse would be in the second book. Though to be fair, it was begun in the first book.

Now what is most perplexing about this, is that CS Lewis usually has family, which are all of the same time, or crew, with a lot of people, but he doesn't usually pair to of different kind of animals. Which is, because normally CS Lewis would have a reason.

So the top pair of eyes, that is the bird, looked at the human and said, “Your a peculiar kind of animal, you're not mammal, you're not a bird, nor are you something like a faun. You look a little bit like a dwarf, but your way too tall.”

Eddie looked at the two pairs of eyes, and they did not quite resolved. But he knew that one pair of eyes was a bird, and he guessed that the larger one was some sort of rodent, though a particularly large one.

“In my world the are there is kind of life that has intelligence. It is only since I got here that I met all sorts of people, who have intelligence though they have different kinds of shape.” replied Eddie, in a bit of a huff, because though he seen dwarfs, From his point of view, they could be human, as the witch. But before him it was obvious that the this was different, and decided so.

The mammal piped in: “What do you to you mean? Another planet, don't you realize that this planet is flat, and the sun revolves around it?”

Eddie was just about to say that they thought the planet was flat, but in reality it was round. And adult would positively know this. But it was false, Narnia and all of the lands were in fact flat. And so Eddie was right to hold his tongue. Instead he said: “ on my world, which is quite a good deal different from this world, the world is round so that if you start East, it will eventually go back around.”

“Poppycock.” said the rodent, “I've never heard of anything so strange in my life.”

“It could be true,” said bird, “the don't know if there are other planets, and Thomas has said that there was a strong chance. And Thomas is an expert.”

“I will give you that Thomas is an expert, but I don't believe in this many world theory.” Of course CS Lewis in his six book has a whole planet filled with worlds. Each one of them contained within a pond. And in the seven book there is more detail.

“And what is this place?”

“We dug down and found, well look at it for yourself. Whatever it is, it's very old. I think it was made by woolly mammoths. Though they have not been here in our time.” this was the rodent.

“Oh and by the way, what are your names. I'm Eddie, though my officials mean is Edward.”

“Names? We never actually been given names,” Replied the rodent “though I knew ask Aslan for one. If he will give one to me.”

“I would as well.”

Eddie was going to say, just pick your own, but realized he had been given a name by his mother. Who knows, with an excessive connections, he might have been like them, and had no name to call his own. So he said: “Why don't you join with me, and we will find your Aslan together.”

The rodent and the bird quickly discussed this, and agreed that this was definitely the best approach. So they went all together, through the ornate vision of stairs, which were definitely part of the old. There to find what could be found.

We are now separating from CS Lewis, and beginning and entirely new chapter, with the bird and the rodent not being any part of CS Lewis, and being my creation alone. I don't know whether there will be other creations, but I certainly hope so. It would be so dull to remain faithful, when there are six other books to pillage from. And that's only the start, because there is also the space trilogy, and something The Screwtape Letters. On further afield, works from JRR Tolkien, who did not like an amalgamation of the form that it took. There are other characters, but those are the featured characters in the works.

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 6


Three children followed the beaver long way back to his, rather his and his wife's, very spacious dam. Not only was it large, and had three young adults learning their trade - but this was the place where a host of activities leading the resistance gathered. Believe me, after one hundred years there will definitely be resistance to witch, for they did not ever use where Queen in polite conversation. There were committees, and they actually did something. Their were committees to take care of children while there parents were off doing something, there were committees to collect all sorts of objects, and even committees to turn other individuals - like Thomas for example - and keep tabs on what they did. That is the Queen guard, though I will repeat no one called that in polite company.

This activity had gone on for a long time even though there was no Aslan anywhere to be found. Actually Aslan was around, but he was not pleased with certain conditions which were going on, and shook his head at the worst of them. The stories would be told quite well after the fact, though in this time it didn't seem clear why Aslan was taking his time. This is normal, people don't like to think there at fault, even when they are. There needs to be a leader, though no one know what he does - most of the time - but every so often he does something - a roar is called for. This is true weather the leader is good or bad, just so long as he effective.

The beaver stopped at the water front, and was perplexed. How would he get the children below, when they didn't look like they could. Presently the mama came up and filled in, from the log cabin to one of the branches, and the three children were soon nestled inside. It was surprisingly warm, but then they were talking beavers and they liked it this way, as opposed to a non-talking beavers, who wanted just one enough, and not a good deal more than that.

Once inside, while the children were hungry but more interest in details of Aslan, and beaver children were not on some bark, that being what they ate, mom and papa were huddled down, and keeping quiet, it is to be time to talk of many things.

“When I went out to check on the rumors, I had a premonition that this time was going to be different. We have had lots of rumors, mind you, but they turned out to be false, or at least not confirmable.” Begin the Papa Beaver. “ but there was something different.”

“Even before you went out, there was patches of green grass, or at least things that would become green grass when they had had some time to work their magic.”

“There no magic, just they need to warm up first.” replied Papa.

“Will have this discussion later, first we have to explain that there has been summer in - well more than my time.” said Ma.

“So there is no end to the winter?” explained Peter.

“None at all.” Explained Papa.

“How dreadful!” Said Lucy. Which is the first exclamation point that I used. And their won't be many others, because they should be preserved for people talking, not the narrator.

“That's how we - I won't say new, but fairly close to it.” Explained Papa.

“Well that's how he knew, I just had a warm feeling in the back of my toes.The season is changing.” 

Mother always sentimental these sorts of things, and she wore her heart on her sleeve at these particular moments. Papa was a little more subdued, but he looked at her with great deal more warmness than was justified as only a friend. It was clear that there was not a fresh bloom, but more than a quiet companionship that was there   among the group.

Both Sandra and Peter were uncomfortable about this, because they were just barely able to know what was going on between the two of them, but not able to grasp the details. Since they were precocious, there was no denying what was felt, but as the two older animals were passed and only rarely fill the kind of friskiness, the two children were not able to grasp all that was there. That is they knew what was going on, but didn't know all that they should.White children might subscribe with the Queen - as opposed to against the Witch. Notice which way the noun it headed.

Peter, the underneath he felt bashful, was going to get on with Business. In his heart he knew this was important for him most of all - because the he did not know the extent of it - this was his life's work. When you are 12 - and very few 12 year read this - your life is just beginning. “So what do we do now?” He was taller and stronger than just a few minutes ago, these were his people, however long, or short, there command would be. He was the right choice, from well far back in his life. He was more than strong, into command with just the voice.

“Well, first of all we need to force. One which will take which take the which head on, and one which will storm her castle while she is attempting to crush us.” At the same time that Papa was reciting this, Mama was getting out a few maps, and showing everyone we're a few things were. There was the event lamp post - where they had come into Narnia - the Witch's stronghold which neither faced the East or the West, but was landlocked - and the mighty Caer Parevel, which unlike the Persian references is Celtic, because truly deep down in his -that is CS Lewis soul, he wanted to have Celts leave here mark. Though he recognized that everything from Celtic to the far reaches of Indian, were speaking the same language, and deserved recognition.

“So what about Eddie? He needs to be in this too." He knew but for the witch will dispossess him when finnish with him "We will have to will pardon him.” said Peter, with either pomp, nor circumstance.

“Well first of all we need to know whether or not which is that there are four."  which Peter nodded to "and exactly foor of you."  Sandra and Peter shook for no. "If she does, she will bargain away to get Aslan to surrender himself.” This was the Papa of course, he was a bit pompous in that way, though he would not admit such a thing.  Though you do not know it,  the borders of Narnia are sealed, because there are a large number of "sons of Adam or daughters of Eve"  in the world.  But there are only four in Narnia -  since it was,  as I said,  sealed.

“What if Eddie has a plan, not everyone is so... well, standoffish is the only word I can think of.” This was Sandra talking. Though she was not as old, she was even more precocious than Peter, and she knew that while she was not going to be the high Queen, In this or any other set of books, she could be the power be hind the throne. Which was not too bad, but it had disadvantages that she would talk to the creator about. When she could find out who he, and it was definitely a he, was.

This was a surprise, that is thinking that a human would have an original idea, which was foreign to an animal's mind, took some getting used to. As usual, mama grasped it first, but as usual she let Papa blurred it out, thinking that he was first.

“Why would he do something like that, and less it was...” no one around the table had heard of “free will” - and it was only vaguely a concept, but the children had a good idea that it was in operation.

Then Lucy pipe up, with amazing decision: “Because he does not know Aslan, and wants to be the hero in his of story.” Which made sense, even if the witch had told him about Aslan, which she had  not, it was going to be a distorted picture.Because the Queen, in her mind, was the hero the story. And this was the rub, though everyone want to be the story - most of the time there are only a few to hero, and rest just pretend to be. And what's more, everyone else sees clearly the person they talking with isn't truly the hero, though they carefully don't realize that if it applies to everyone else in the world, it applies to “me”, whichever me that is.

This sent off a storm of chattering amidst the beavers - because while the children new to such a concept - though they did called, nor exactly what it was called - the beavers were not. But after quarter of in hour, they, that is the beavers, decided that this was ordained in this kind of story. Realize that Virginia Wolfe have written a very different kind story, which was just getting popular around that time.

“Well I guess you know something about Aslan which we don't, so will take your word on it, even though it seems quite strange to us.”

“Maybe that's why there here.” Reminded Mama.

“I guess you're right.” Opinion Papa. I really do need to get rid of these two word expressions, they're not my style, and they sound dated to my ear. But then, I don't like people talking when anyone can figure out, if only it takes a little effort. However, most people disagree with me, and it seems like I am going to be forgotten.

“We should decide whether this is all we have to do.”

“There is one step that we have to take.” This was Mama, because she knew that Papa wasn't going to figure it out. “We have to go to the Broken Stone Table, because that is the place where Aslan will be killed by the witch. Both of them know that he is going to make some powerful magic to escape. And she does not know what it is, but she will bet she can get the upper hand. It is, how should one say, the stone under his claw.”

“I hope you mean that metaphorically.” this was of course Sandra talking, because she didn't like things like claws to come into the picture.

“In our world, everybody has claws, why would Aslan be any different?” Blurted out Mama, forgetting her manners.

It was at that point that the three children realized that Aslan was probably not from Earth, but from Narnia. It didn't settle well with them, but the realization was more and more visible. Then it happened: they used to be from earth, but now more and more, they wear from Narnia, and things were different in these parts.

“I wonder what will happen when we go back.” Muse Sandra, “That is if we ever due go back at all.”

“I hope we don't go back - or 'til we are quite old.” This cry was, of course, from Lucy. “It may be a small kingdom.” She looked at the map and saw that it was quite small even to her mind. “But there is - well it's ours, and not won't be the same in the other world.”

“That is to be decided later, right now we have to rescue best place from the trouble. Which we are partly to blame for.” If you can't tell that is Peter, I don't know what I can do for you. The voice is so Peter its not funny. Peter did not know how long he had on this earth, but more people than he would have liked found themselves with not much time at all. So he was prepared to take what he had, and enjoy every minute of it.

“I mean let's face it, we could be walking and then,” Saundra made a motion with both her hands, “blame, we're dead - just because someone wanted to use their gun.”

“What's a gun?” Replied Papa. You see what I mean by two word apostrophes? It very annoying.