Friday, January 1, 2016

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The G.O.P. Field Is Less Chaotic Than You Think

Aside from Donald Trump’s rise, the oddest thing about the 2016 race is that the G.O.P. establishment has been slow to pick an alternative.
The G.O.P. Field Is Less Chaotic Than You Think - The New Yorker
The problem with recent record conventions -  the last one being 1960 where it was not clear that Kennedy would win on the first ballot -  was that there were two candidates:  in inside man and an outside man,  now there are three.  The nominee that the party will nominate,  the nominee from the outside,  and Trump.  Is this enough to force a  brokered convention?  It is not likely,  but the last parallels were in the 1990s,  with an outside presence,  rather than a brokered convention.  Again,  not likely but it will work out slightly differently.  Because the party has a bad record on the Republican side.

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