Thursday, January 7, 2016

How Americans Got So Fat

China Stocks Gain in Volatile Trade

In Venezuela, Chávez’s Image Is Erased

The 3rd Annual Mickies highlights a big awards-season weekend

The Worst are The Best

U.S. Tells China That Soft Approach to North Korea Has Failed

Dinosaurs performed dances to woo mates,

Home Is Where the Car Is

Why China is Rattling the World


Hello, I'm Mr. Null. My Name Makes Me Invisible to Computers

Why We Cling to the Beatles

Welcome to the Anthropocene

The Losers are Winning Today

Women describe 'terrible' assault

Can U.S. Remain an Island of Stability?

Dow's worst start to a year since 1991

Dow's worst start to a year since 1991 - Jan. 7, 2016

We, the little people of the US, are funding the rest of the world.

Government is too corrupt, and get too little money. Both of these must be solved. Usually this means a war.

Sunni vs Shia

Dow Continues Plunge

China suspends circuit breaker

all St. Finds a Way to Profit From Mass Shootings

The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare

Jeanette Winterson

Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want Your Vote

It is the same type of drop

The pessimists drop and the ops fight back.
This is a retesting of the lows.

Jeanette Winterson’s Complicated Shakespeare

The Micawber Syndrome

The Billary vs Hilliam ffect

Take a Tour of an Isolated, Freezing Gold Mine

'Dozens dead' as Libya police targeted

A Rout on World Exchanges

The Art of Conservation

$30 Oil Just Got Closer as Yuan Drop Highlights China's Rout