Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Explosions Reported in Jakarta

Inside the Hidden World That Handles Your Holiday Returns

Stock Rout Deepens; Dow Flirts With Correction Territory

Michigan church hires Minnesota archbishop linked to clergy sex abuse

Are your opinions really your own?

Venerating Mao, Where Famine Is a Memory

What Chinese Market Turmoil Tells Us About 2016

Why Parallels Between Netflix and Amazon Should Worry Media Titans

What the U.S. would look like without gerrymandering

Dow splats

Scientist of Letters

When successful investors warn of a global market crash, we should all be nervous

The Source of China's Coal Dependency

GE Headquarters Moving to Boston From Connecticut

Dow Down - Alot

U.S. Will Track Secret Buyers of Real Estate

Aaron Swartz - failures in our school system.



Can We Fix American Cities by Tearing Them Down?

In praise of boring places

Dow Hiccup

[Ismael Soumare 01.12/2016]

To a profundity’s forbiddance, between recollection and fathoming
Rested an assuaging wish, exuding appurtenance
A slight intimacy to spite’s complaisance
Almost justly, an unwinding abandon

As at error, from a quill’s itinerant bow – a liberty’s
As during a duet’s faint assents, to continence - sifting denotations,
As a faithfully dissenting facsimile, an equitably sighted imperfection

Saw lessening faculty’s familiarity, at a surmise’s
Within complaint, a scarcely obvious lunette,
Erstwhile upon, envisaged to blinker, a silhouette, prying -
An inkling’s posture, still idly uncorking evasiveness

Bernie Moves Ahead

With two primaries suddenly in doubt, Hillary Clinton gets aggressive

Iran releases 10 U.S. naval crew members

Seoul Tests Its Closer Ties to China After Nuclear Blast

Female suicide bombers kill at least 10 in Cameroon mosque attack

Netflix May Never Break Into China

Obama's State of the Union Optimism at Odds With Voter Anxiety

Cruz, Rubio Tax Plans Trigger GOP Fight

Glittering Beads Adorn the World’s Tribes

US apologises for Iran naval incursion

Rams to return to Los Angeles with Chargers given an option to follow