Thursday, January 14, 2016

Italian woman wins right to convert stash of lire to euros

Oregon militia could face fines and more than 10 years in prison

Explosion unleashes toxic gas in Santos, Brazil

Colossal star explosion detected

The Unforgettable Villainy of Alan Rickman in “Die Hard”

The enigma of ‘Portrait of a Lady With a Unicorn’


‘Billions’ takes cynical look at corruption

Germany's highest court rules Facebook 'friend finder' is unlawful

Dow Up

Rare January hurricane over Atlantic

Sherry finds its spotlight at S.F.’s still-fresh 15 Romolo

Museum of Natural History’s New Dinosaur Sticks Its Head Out

Arthur Miller at 100: a “loving embrace of humanity’s frailties”

Brazil Alleges Environmental Crimes in Response to Dam Collapse

1,000 Reasons Why

1,000 Reasons Why It's Becoming Incredibly Difficult to Get an Abortion | Mother Jones

1000 republican  reason, and 1 Democratic reason.  The abortions providers want to pick our Pres.

Bernie Sanders for President

Economists See Continued U.S. Expansion

A plea from the right to stop waste Hydro

Stop Wasting America’s Hydropower Potential - The New York Times
The is a large problem here - but is a solvable one, if left and right work on it. 

United Airlines’ Quest to Be Less Awful

Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump

The Richcomy Likely To Worsen

Light Up!

Is it safe for the Dow?

Alan Rickman dead at 69

Sylvan Barnet, Scholar, Is Dead at 89

How good is The Revenant?

You may be powerless to stop a drone from hovering over your own yard

Clinton’s barrage produces windfall of cash for Sanders

Sulawesi find: 118,000-year-old stone tools

I’m Not Dead Yet

Herro Says Now Is a Time for True Investors to Profit From Panic

It’s January and a Tropical Storm has formed in the Atlantic Ocean

In Syrian Town Cut Off From World, Scenes of Deprivation

Global Stocks Slide On Oil Concerns

Attacks in Jakarta Leave at Least 4 Dead

If it wants to be a force for radical change, Labour must face up to why it lost

The Peculiar Radiance of Henry James’s Memoirs

Stocks Take a Beating as Alarm Grows

For Real Oil Prices, the Crash Is Even Bigger as China Fizzles

As Taiwan’s Workers Flock to China, Concerns About Economy Grow

In search of a truly ‘British’ curry