Monday, January 25, 2016

How David Petraeus avoided felony charges and possible prison time

More evacuations in Pacifica as cliffs give way to the sea

How is the weird winter weather affecting our birds?

Nearly Half of Twitter's Senior Leaders Are Leaving

Paul Krugman Reviews ‘The Rise and Fall of American Growth’

GE signs lease in Fort Point for temporary offices

All-Day Breakfast Is a Pick-Me-Up for McDonald’s

Texas Probe of Planned Parenthood Indicts Anti-Abortion Videographers Instead

Why Is Hillary Clinton Using Republican Talking Points to Attack Bernie Sanders?

North Korea Finds an Export: Epic Art

Is Nominating Bernie Sanders a Worthwhile Gamble?

Dow Down

Childhood obesity 'an exploding nightmare', says health expert

'Traditionally submissive Muslim women' say who us?

Drug Deaths Reach White America

Supreme Court gives juvenile killers chance for reduced sentences

47% of young black Chicago men aren't in school nor working:

Ten Modern Car 'Inventions' You Thought Were New but Are Not

Ten Modern Car 'Inventions' You Thought Were New but Are Not

6.3 Mag Earthquake in Spain and Morocco

Earthquake: The shallow quake hit at 4:22am UK time almost 40 miles north of the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima and 100 miles south of Gibraltar, the US Geological Survey said

The Stock Market Sets a New Record in 2016

Italian Town, Scrutinizing School Meals, Faces Cries of Bean Counting

Is DJIA Index Overvalued?

While waiting in line...

Squabble at SF

Dow Down (But Not By Alot)

Long Cleanup Looms After U.S. Blizzard

Weaker Oil Prices Threaten Putin’s Ambitions

Foreign Investors Bail on Russian Stocks

Asia Stocks Up but Oil Lower

'Hillary, can you excite us?'

Time to Say Goodbye to Long Bull Market?

14 years a fugitive: the hunt for Ratko Mladic, the Butcher of Bosnia

East Asia cold snap 'kills 85 in Taiwan'

Newberry - 'Cello Sonata #3