Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Stop conflicts of interest, revolving door of politicians to private-sector jobs

Looking for Fractals in Literature

Inside a Super Bowl halftime show, from a man who played trombone in one

Libor Brokers Acquitted of Fraud in U.K. Trial

Libor Brokers Acquitted of Fraud in U.K. Trial

Libor brokers acquitted in London trial
Five brokers accused of conspiring with Tom Hayes to manipulate the Libor benchmark have been found not guilty in a London court, in a major setback for the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.
The brokers – Danny Wilkinson and Colin Goodman from ICAP, Noel Cryan from Tullett Prebon and RP Martin’s Jim Gilmour and Terry Farr – stood trial at London’s Southwark Crown Court for about 15 weeks in the SFO’s prosecution over alleged efforts at Libor manipulation. The jury is still considering one count against Darrell Read from ICAP.

Facebook's quarterly earnings surpass $5bn for first time thanks to ad sales

Couple’s Lawsuit Is First Test for Same-Sex Marriage in China

Iconic Images in the Corbis Library Corbis

Dow Down

Consciousness may be the product of carefully balanced chaos

Hawking’s latest black-hole paper splits physicists

The Plot to Destroy Marco Rubio

Google Computers Defeat Human Players at 2,500-Year-Old Board Game

Wary Fed Keeps March Rate Rise on Table

Dead Leaves - Remedios Varo

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Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself

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New York Philharmonic Taps Jaap van Zweden as Its Next Maestro

Citizens has destroyed the GOP

Mass murder by muddle: a new history of the Holocaust

Mass murder by muddle: a new history of the Holocaust
Jewish ghetto police, Warsaw, 1941.
'An immense posthumous work from the historian David Cesarani shows that Nazi policies were often “confused, contradictory, half-baked”.'

China Sharpens Efforts to Halt Money Outflow

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Dow Down

Egyptians Say Hundred Vanish as Crackdown Widens

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MoMA Trims Back Some Features of Its Planned Renovation

Oregon Occupation Leader Ammon Bundy Arrested, One Dead