Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Long Way from Primo Levi

Failure Is the Precondition for Fascism

The Migrant Crisis:No End in Sight

Rick Santorum to drop out of 2016 presidential race

Mystery of deep-sea 'purple sock' solved

Dow Very Far Up

Saturn’s biggest ring sparks new mystery

In India, a Small Band of Women Risk It All for a Chance to Work

Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working

Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working - Bloomberg Business

There  is an artificial selection for the rich living longer,  not reflected in the article.

Company Perks Keep Getting Nicer, But Only for Some Workers

Jeb Bush, an Also-Ran in Iowa

Jeb Bush, an Also-Ran in Iowa, May Be Pivotal in New Hampshire - The New York Times

Which means he has to  start positioning the press as to how well he is going to do.

An Unseen Side ofThurgood Marshall

New Digs for Yale’s Business School

Explosion forces plane to make emergency landing in Somalia

Ten Perfect Date Nights in Ten Global Cities

The Secret History of the Company Behind the Super Bowl Coin Toss

Virginia teen girl’s death points to larger pattern of sexual predators

Rand Paul drops out of White House race

Ireland: Election 2016: Parties set out stalls as three week campaign begins

Dow Down

People who voted against the gov't want to know if it turned right

The right way to eat sausage in Prague

Yahoo for Sale

What it was like to walk in the shoes of America’s slaves

The Lost Downtown

Lord Lucan death certificate granted

The stark dividing line between Clinton and Sanders voters: Age

You Can Buy a Czech Castle for $13,000

This is London: to know the future of our cities

The Art-World Insider Who Went Too Far

Jimmy Carter calls US campaign finance ruling 'legalised bribery'

University of Missouri Struggles to Bridge Its Racial Divide

‘Eyes on China’: Illuminating Life Across a Changing Country

Uber Drivers and Others in the Gig Economy Take a Stand

The future of work

Oil Prices Could Jump 50% by the End of 2016

China sends 6,000 police to quell new year train station chaos

EU referendum: PM to defend reforms package

Whose Parade Will This Float Rain On?