Monday, February 15, 2016

Europe's Last Dictator Back in Favor as EU Courts Belarus

Republicans Are Already Tearing Each Other Apart Over Scalia

The Long and Crumbling Road

The Daily 202: Why blocking Obama’s pick to replace Scalia could cost Republicans their Senate

Syria crisis: Strikes on hospitals and schools kill 'up to 50'

More Republicans Say They’ll Block Supreme Court Nomination

Back Again

7 hours.

Just as Oil Rebounds, Fuel Demand Is Poised to Melt Away

Don DeLillo on Seeing Oneself in Words

The Ruling on Julian Assange Sheds Light on the Limitations

Isn't It Romantic?

Getting Clean, the Tudor Way

Newberry - String Quartet #6

Giant Shanghai slide sparks fear and satire on Chinese internet

Dow futures rally more than 200 points as analysts call market bottom

Dow futures rally more than 200 points as analysts call market bottom - MarketWatch
If you look at the last 4 recessions, the market has called 8 of them.

Saudi Arabia & Turkey to Invade Syria?

Brazil's 5,500 Bankruptcies in 2015 Signal Deeper Credit Crisis

John Paul letters reveal 'intense' friendship with woman

What are the mathematics of peace?


"Talk about Byzantine - try pulling a permit for a flying buttress in this neighborhood."

Sailors sue Navy saying they were 'tricked' into joining

Ireland: Labour to insist on abortion vote

Banks' Surge Takes Europe's Stock Rally

Malawi Gets Its First Grammy Nomination

The moment that inspired Obama’s Charleston eulogy

What if cosmonauts were the first to walk on the Moon?


11.22.63: Miniseries Review - IGN
James Franco and Chris Cooper in 11.22.63
They are living their past.

Japan stocks soar 7% amid hopes for more easing

Should this Senate fill Justice Scalia’s Supreme Court seat?

Trial Illuminates Porsches’ Rise to Power at Volkswagen

7 Things Buyers Love That Sellers Fail To Mention

2116: Underwater cities, downloadable meals

“Schomburg Center, Harlem, New York”

Oil Resumes Drop as Iran Loads Europe Cargo, China Imports Fall

Van Gogh's bedroom gets digital makeover

The Problem With Elite-College Admissions

How Scalia Compared With Other Justices