Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Japanese stocks lead gains in Asia on Thursday

This Japanese Robot Calls the Market Better Than a Human

David Cameron faces growing rift at EU summit in Brussels

Why Teenage Girls Roll Their Eyes

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San Francisco tech worker: 'I don't want to see homeless riff-raff'

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A Country Breaking Down by Elizabeth Drew

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The US Has the Tech to Keep Zika Out of the Blood Supply

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Met to Stage Its First Opera by a Woman Since 1903

A storm is coming

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Global Warming Crushes Records. Again.

What actual ‘caveman’ DNA says about the Paleo movement

I think you move me

Here’s How You Can Contribute to an Interstellar ‘Message in a Bottle’

Atheism has ancient roots and is not ‘modern invention’

Dow Up

Since there no actual crisis,  it is finally time to start making money.  or at least  shuffling it around.

Recess by Antonio Freixas

The Real Tchaikovsky

Fishdog River Brewing Co.’s Ultimate I.P.A.

Powerful Phrases That Will Transform Your Resume

(Canada) Tom Mulcair's electoral record bad omen for future NDP leadership

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Policy Makers Grapple With Market Turmoil: Fed Minutes

Dubai’s illusive fog phenomenon


“It’s O.K., sweetheart—you can agree with Trump about something—it doesn’t mean you’re losing your mind.”

Donald Trump is now the Republican Party’s establishment-lane candidate

How to write emails if you want people to actually respond

On the Merits of Disturbing Literature

Attacks slow Cruz in SC

Welcome to the Future of Gun Control | Mother Jones

Is the Era of Small Government Over?

Is the Era of Small Government Over?
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

 When the baby boom gets out of the way,  yes.

One Tiny Island Nation vs. the Fishing Pirates

Uganda Moves Toward Dictatorship Light

Did Mitch McConnell Blow It?

Did Mitch McConnell Blow It? | New Republic
Understand that both the Democrats and Republicans are against the revolution that is taking place. Just because the people want democracy -  at least the younger people do -  does not mean that the elder people want any such thing.  in Mitch McConnell's case he is going to fight to the bitter end on the Reagan revolution.  and that will be the death of him,  and others  that follow him.  Because there is a very good chance that this will be a false revolution.
Republicans Are Now Waging a War on Facts, Precedent, and the Constitution | The Nation

The Brute-Force Politics of Judicial Confirmations

Five dead in Ankara car bomb, city governor says

Ratings collapse a disaster of Fine Gael’s own making

What Obama wants in a nominee

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Italian Lawmakers’ Vote on Same-Sex Civil Unions Stalls