Friday, February 19, 2016

Umberto Eco, Scholar and Novelist, Dies

Bulls Give Evidence of Life as S&P 500 Posts Best Week of 2016

Millennials Are Using One of the Riskiest ETFs to Speculate on Oil

First National Poll Shows Bernie Up Over Clinton

You have to have a passport or dig up a birth certificate.

‘The most efficient killers in the world’

Trump Urges Boycott of Apple Until It Unlocks Terrorist's iPhone

Unanimous support for UK-EU deal

The FCC's War to Liberate Your Cable Box

This Tech Startup Will Change How We Hear


Camille Cosby seeking to delay deposition while appeal is pending

Seattle Opera’s ‘Mary Stuart’ means a chance to come home

Controversial Illinois law charges people with murders they didn't commit

“Infinite Jest,” Contextually

Cutting-edge science could make mental illness less of a guessing game

The ultimate vision of hell

Behind Chinese Leader’s Warm Visit, a Cold Reality

Harper Lee

Obama Administration Tussles With Students Over Debt Relief

Obama Administration Tussles With Students Over Debt Relief - Bloomberg Business
“The proposal that I have seen erects significant and arbitrary barriers for borrowers who are entitled to relief,” said Toby Merrill, the director of the Project on Predatory Student Lending at Harvard Law School, referring to the Education Department’s proposal. “This would be worse for borrowers.”

Tech may be fueling S.F.’s growing gender pay gap

The Industry That Treats Wage Theft as the Cost of Doing Business

China set to ban all foreign media from publishing online

Secret papers show Thatcher's cabinet ruled out public inquiry

Toy companies already know what your kids want for Christmas

Leaders told to book hotel rooms for another night as summit drags on

The States With the Most Household Debt

The Heavy Bear: On Delmore Schwartz

Trump on brink of huge win

Trump on brink of huge win | TheHill

The Hill calls the numbers, it maybe wrong - but this is what the beltway thinks.

What Does Big Oil Really Think About Climate Science?

Commodities' $3.6 Trillion Black Hole

Why the Republican party should split

Evidence mounts for interbreeding bonanza in ancient human species

The Country of the Blind

“The worst things I’ve ever seen”: the paedophiles of Facebook

Austria asylum cap begins despite EU anger

Why your brain likes it when you multi-task

The Robber Baron Who Botched the World's First Oil Storage Trade

The Stressed-Out Oil Industry Faces an Existential Crisis

The glory of Yellowstone national park in winter

Lung Cancer Deaths Soar in China’s Steel Country

Dispute Over Kurds Threatens U.S.-Turkey Alliance

U.S. Strikes ISIS Camp in Libya, Killing More Than 30

Syria's White Rose

In S.C., the GOP contest looks more and more like a three-man race

The voyages of the Dawnlight: Where is it headed?

Airbnb Faces Major Threat in Japan, Its Fastest-Growing Market

Norway Central Bank Chief Warns on Oil Wealth as Coffers Raided

Hong Kong Developers Under Pressure to Cut Prices Amid Slowdown

We must defend free debate in our universities

China’s Missile Provocation

Kentucky Senate votes to create separate marriage forms for same-sex couples

Irish Unions eye pay restoration if emergency law shelved