Tuesday, February 23, 2016

3 Steps to Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee

Tornadoes kill 3

Macedonia Bars Afghan Asylum Seekers

Don't break Boehner budget dea

Senate Republicans rally around plan not to hold hearings for Supreme Court

Julián Castro could be VP next year

CDC investigating 14 potential cases

Donald Trump is on course to win the 1,237 delegates

Slow drip of Clinton emails prompt judge's subpoena threat

US election 2016: Trump is betting on big win in Nevada

Large space rock burns up over Atlantic

The Culture of Meanness

Harry Reid Rushed Home to Nevada to Rig Caucus Results for Clinton

This Artist Created an Replica ‘Iceman’ Mummy

T fare hike seems likely

The Election Pileup

Hillary Clinton revives the public option ... sort of.

Hillary Clinton revives the public option ... sort of. | New Republic

It will happen... once the BB is too smile to protect the ill-gotten gains.

The royal mummies of Peru

Justin Trudeau: Canada leader to march in Toronto gay pride

Should Dictionaries Do More to Confront Sexism?

Shut Up and Sit Down

Dow Down, Very Down

United Ponders an Earlier Retirement for Out-of-Favor 747s

London Stock Exchange Is in Merger Talks With Deutsche Boerse

Nudity on stage: The naked truth

The Tears (and Fears) of a Clown

Two Thougts

Inside Bernie Sanders' 30-year fight for equality – video | US news | The Guardian
He is an liberal, which at this means "socialist".

Ben Carson: Obama was 'raised white' and cannot relate to black experience
And Carson does? No Obama is not AA, but Carson is not either.

Why is Facebook shutting down legal marijuana pages in the US?

Saudi Arabia Won't Cut Crude Output, Reaffirms Freeze Accord

What would the political map of Britain look like if it took place under Eurovision rules?

Castro Theatre’s pre-Code festival vintage yet strangely modern

Computer program turns the tables on telemarketers

The Differences Between Men and Women’s Brains

What Straight Women Want

BMA announces three new 48-hour doctors' strikes



CIA leaker: Clinton 'given a pass' for emails

Nightmare builds for Senate GOP

24-year-old who could change how the US handles sexual assaults

The Latino Vote, in Nevada and Beyond

Lumber Liquidators Takes Hit After C.D.C. Elevates Warning -

Dow Down

UK: tax powers deal may only be reached if PM and FM negotiate with each other

Fianna Gael has been a long time coming

The untold story of the siege of two small Shia villages

Head in the cloud

The Life-Style Guru of Frugality

EU exit would risk jobs

Lack of Videos Hampers Inquiries Into Houston Police Shootings

How Society Pays When Women’s Work Is Unpaid

Four Problems With the 'Winnowing' Theory of Trump's Downfall

Mourners at Kalamazoo vigil call for conversation

Hill to Rubio

The Magic Shop, a Venerable Recording Studio in SoHo, Will Close

Bill Gates Q&A on Climate Change: ‘We Need a Miracle’

Xi Jinping’s News Alert: Chinese Media Must Serve the Party

Young Voters, Motivated Again

Abortion foes’ strategy faces a key test at the Supreme Court

We are shaken and angry at conservatives’ response to Scalia’s death

Legislators are making things wors

China bans 'bizarre' architecture