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北京麻雀 - New York - 3

To The Apartment Door
New York City

It started on the train, both talking to her and at the same time writing about completely different topic – General Sterling Price was an obsession of his – and having one have of his mind on the civil war made it easier for him to emotionally reason with her. Since he left Beijing, he had decided to throw her away. The reasons for this were subtle and complex, but they boiled down to a steady grinding at him – and a petulance that emerged from her wanting to settle down with him. He occasionally thought why he would not settle down with her – and came to the conclusion that he was not appropriate, not a man who wanted to settle down with anyone. But this was a problem, because she thought that he was, and that he should settle down with her. The train stopped in Grand Central, and he packed up writing about General Sterling Price, but continued to listen in his year to her plaintive response, her almost steady nagging at him. This was the first time in a decade where she could be annoying. From Grand Central Station he moved to the subway – all the time listening to her voice, which was hers and not hers at the same time. It still had the magic that attracted him when first he spoke, all that many years ago, when first he finally heard her over the telephone. But what was new disturbed him, and it made realize that he did not want to have anything to do with her.

On the subway, while he could get on the 4,5 or 6 – it was the 4 that arrived first. He was still listening to her, and looking around just to make sure that no one was watching him. It goes without saying that he found nothing, but even so, he had to check anyway. Amassed the crowded car he looked out the window, so that everyone on board the car was seen in Plexiglas, including himself. Though the window also showed the dirty grime of the underpinnings of the subway, there was no pattern that he could detect in its shape. Instead he saw people inside the car, some were reading, some were pretending to keep busy, some were looking at other people. The word “collage” popped in his brain again, as if it were a von Neumann expression that one did not understand what was happening, you merely got use to it. All the patterns had something in common, though he could not quite know what they were. Then he settled on his doppelgänger: a man standing with a phone, tilted at the neck, and listening to something which was remarkably what he – the real person – could imagine as being a drone on his time. It was at that point he decided that he had to do something. It was impossible to bear this person draining his life away.

“I have listened to you for over two hours on this phone call, and I do not wish to sound rude, but there is no way that I am going to get back together with you. I am sorry, that is just the way I feel. And there is nothing that you can say which will change my mind in the slightest. Goodbye.” and then the phone was off the line, and he then turned it off completely.

As he gradually slipped the phone in to his pocket, he then got off of the car at 110 St., and wound his way to the street and along the block to where he resided. He went up three blocks, and entered into the stairway, up to flights of stairs. He fumbled with his keys, but eventually found the right one to enter in to his apartment. There was a litter of mail at his feet when he got through. And it did not enter his mind that she would be any more concerned with his day to day life. But that was not true, and if he thought about it, he would know that it was not. It was as if he was in posession of a light from another century, possession that came as if he were a character in the mind of another agent, not his own. Someone like AS Byatt – whose men are a bit to feminine, and women to masculine. But he shook of the concentration of the thought.

Because if she would buy a new cell phone and talk to him, and not get a response – she was determined to do other things, including things that meant flying. This is because she still wanted a Romance, and with him. It could not occur to his little mind that what he wanted did not mean a thing, in this particular case. There were other forces at work, and they did not care what he thought – it just was not important to them, whoever they were. Perhaps it was only to be known In retrospect by Ezra Pound in his unfinished Cantos, worked on until his death with the last stanzas worked out in advance, because he knew where he was going, but he did not know how he would get there.

A Poem
- 1 -

We should start at the beginning,
and circle around until the end.
In the first section,
we look at climate change in the very late pre-human intervention.
We should note that this is not to prove human interaction,
since 1815 is part of normal cycle.
This does not mean that the post human
Period works entirely under different principles,
merely that those principles are not established yet.
This paper makes assumptions that in
1800s are different than they were in the late 1900s
and afterwards.
In other words just because there is climate change
does not mean that we can disregard all of things which happened before.
In this case,
it comes clear that
pre-human climate change
could be enough to change the climate,
by thoroughly natural conditions.
What it does prove is those climate changes,
which are natural, can do a great deal of work.
Again this does not mean that artificial changes do not happen,
but instead we can see how they happen.

Then we looked at changes
which were pointed to by natural climate change,
which were not present in the record.
And we found that there are numerous discrepancies in the past.
This means one of two things,
either that we were wrong in assuming natural climatic variation,
which would mean that human intervention could be diminished,
or it means that we should resynchronize.
Checking this against one event,
the 1600 BC Thera eruption, t
here is great deal of scholar weight that this corruption occurred in 1500 BC,
not succeed hundred.
This is a quandary,
either the corruption occurred later,
or the theory is wrong.

Fortunately, there are people who have tested the
eruption, and found it is the former case,
that is the corruption occurred a little bit later than is supposed,
and the results is a slip sliding updates, which will annoy certain people, but keep the tracker record current. In other words, people will have learn to get used to certain things changing in place, and we have proven this by this one example, though there may be others. This does not change climatic factors, it instead improves climatic factors which are naturally forced, and makes artificial factors more clear. It does mean that people will have two go back and check what till now has been seen as being on the table. Artificial factors are not just 50 years, they also change everything that we know which is natural.

We do this process in reverse order from the 1800 A.D.
Before we took a climate change which was known about,
and saw what would happen.
The 1810 AD through 1815 AD
was discovered in documents,
most particularly the cooling in summer in the north latitudes.
It was found that two things which were artificially formed before,
were actually naturally occurring:
the climate change resulted in dramatic differences that would have to be factored in.
in other words,
this small interruption in climate was not unnoticed,
even in the real world.
Civilizations were tilted by it.

Then we looked at something else entirely,
what can we determine about climate and natural forces,
when two have different cycles?
In this case we have an exact climatic events which has been recognized:
the eruption of Thera is not fixed in time,
but is flexible,
even though that is what is reported to others.
Last date which is current is
[] ,
date that is fixed by the moon,
which is in itself
a great finding.

- 2 -

Who ever just got pushed off the liberal train.
Prosperity still a whisper on his lips.
Days will go by and still he will think of the moment,
when he rode the world,
money rolled in.
And all he need to do was to pick which toy to buy.
He shows up on the internet,
and tells everyone it doesn't have to be this way.
But it does.
Because there aren't enough of him at any one time.
The working class went down,
and the programmers and lawyers fed on him.
The programmers went down,
and the land bubblers feasted on them.
The land bubblers went down,
and the government workers feasted on them.
Now the government workers are going down.
Someone will feast on them. For a while.
Then when that meal goes down,
then there will be a bitter cold within.
Yes, we're in a can.

All we have to do...” he'll say.
Except that it won't happen.
It doesn't matter what can be done,
it matters what will be done.
And what will be done,
is to look at the next dying soul on the raft of the Medusa.

I've often been accused of being hard to follow,
but that is because there are
It rests on the fact that there is a small gap which is directly
accounted by the small variations.
The variation in question has to do with the slowing down of the moons orbit,
which is visible even at the scale


Then there none.

It was some unique.
The understand was not because madness was in the air,
and it made ever special.
It was unique that every thing specific
was crowd with thing with others were ordinary to one.
This is because it to was specifically valve.
Take a diamond, and scattered with thing that look it,
but are not.

In 1914 a boy wrote
on the cover of exercise book from high school.
What he wrote was not important,
it was the idea which was.
This was the first deal of the Iluvatar
and the beginning of what was not history,
but an unreasoning attempt at creating non-history.
A novel, as we knew it,
was about to be a standard.
Many people had written texts which were not history,
but JRR Tolkien was about to add a single gift to his world:

He was the first one to sketch out words which were like real words but different.
They were different because he wanted to have elves
and other things which were real as
opposed to imagined by half drunk narrators.

Iluvatar, think on this word,
Ilu and Vatar,
think on this second word, and realize it's German
for “father”, and the second word is for “light”.
And this from a word that does not exist,
a breath, held for a second and then released.
I this allusion, but with only one syllable,
there is waiting in that one word,
something special which a boy
waiting on world war one
will find a story in.