Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 14


It was cold, just before dawn in fact. Sandra was looking away, out into the sunrise. Of course there was no moon, and that made the sky dark. Then she saw out of the corner of her eye something that wasn't stars at all, but planets. I do not know if CS Lewis has a complete cosmos, he may well have done so. In book 2 he has one planet tipping its hat to another. This is different from almost any other book, though it should be included in any fantasy novel.

But there is more to it, and it is on the level of metaphysics. CS Lewis once us to enjoy the story, and then decide whether it is the right description. Conservatives who demand purity want to look at the world through the lens of Mere Christianity and interpret every single words as an exegesis of that work. Which quite honestly repels me, it's an annoying book, by one person turning and preaching to the choir. What his people due not understand, is that CS Lewis, in full, does not take such a turn with all of its faults, and tries to make an argument, rather than berating those who do not agree with then. It is a hard task, reaching the author that you like, separated from the apologist who you do not. Realize that CS Lewis was atheist for a very long time, and only became Christian with the influence of JRR Tolkien, who was also broad minded. Though in his heart he to was deeply conservative, and had violent quarrels with CS Lewis. Thus one may disagree with the main thrust of CS Lewis, and like his stories. As can be seen. Of course that makes no sense at all to his Christian believers. This is why this book is written: to explain to those who want to listen why the author, and not the apologist, is a beloved figure. CS Lewis is both.

Thus when CS Lewis is called Muslim, as he has been portrayed in “CS Lewis is Muslim” , he's not far from wrong. CS Lewis, some of the time, is great and broad, even if he gets up grumpy from time to time.

So the metaphysical link is that CS Lewis writes the story with an eye to is metaphysical themes, which is not where fan fiction wants to locate the story, which is in the ticket of the action. That is no more CS Lewis then the apologist. He really wants to grip what it is his characters are doing. Which is why there are subtle differences between this text and the original. There not just variations, there is a reason why they exist. Just because it happens in a story, does not mean that details exist only in the story. And a reader can look at the story, and metaphysics of the story, at the same time.

I'm sorry for going on about this, from now on I'll tell the story and let you, the reader, make the judgments.

Getting back to the story, that would be the mice in question. The mice were not Narnia mice, yet, but they would be, for now they gnaw on the rope, remember the stone tablet could not have metal of any kind touching it. Lucy was directing them as best as she was able, pulling the levers so that the mice could do their work. This was her task: to direct the mice, and with it make them alive and Narnia, where as before they were just alive. Thus as they chewed the rope, they also got larger. And larger still. Until finally lion was free, and in that moment of freedom, the mice had finally developed consciousness. It was quite a sight to see mice finally develop consciousness, and stand on their back feet. One mouse in particular stared up at Lucy, and said first words ever said by a mouse: “Thank you very much for directing us, we could not have done it without you.”

Lucy was once again flabbergasted by this, but remembered her manners. “You did all the work, I just help you, a little bit.” The mouse bowed down to her, and she did likewise to the mouse. There was a bond between them which was indescribable.

Then Sandra spoke: “I just heard the a pulse... I think. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard one.” Then the girls and the mice listened closely, and heard nothing.

The mouse stood up: “ I think it might be necessary to listen to his heart, within the breast.” Both of the girls agreed, Lucy more so. The mouse than bent down and stared blankly, becomes his mind was on his ear. And then his eyes lit up.

“There is a pulse, I hear it very distinctly. It is in rhythm, and the it is very weak indeed, of the lion shall live.” mouse looked up at the two girls, and for first time smiled. Them the lion stirred, which was a surprise. And then a minute later he rose and shook his main, and, while feeble, let out a roar.

“We must get going.” pronounced the Lion, “becomes there is much to the done.” and he stood there and this time with much force, roared. Such a roar that you could lead that it on.

“What are we going to do now?” said Sandra, looking at her feet.

But the lion moved up to Sandra, and lifted her hand with his paw. “It's all right, you get your work while I was lying there dead. If it had been up to the gaggle of her followers, they would have ripped me then from then, with no protest from the witch. But you were there, and remind which all her duty. And she being reminded of this, had to let go. And that was a key battle, though you must have thought little of it at the time.”

Sandra looked up to the lion's face, and just a hint of a smile escaped her lips. “ I thought you would not have noticed.”

“The lion did not notice, but the Lion did. I hope you understand the difference between the two.” and not his head. She gave you understand, the mortal lion was dead, but not the immortal Lion. But that was only first encounter. And if treachery would not more than force would have to be tried.

At this point, the lion reared up and roared. Then he looked at all of the mice and spoke to them:

“Quickly, make haste to the pavilion, which you will find if you look. There tell all of them that the lion has returned.” At this point the mice's saluted him and ran off to deliver the message.

Now is time to say a few words about myself, and put this in some context. I am damaged, and while I might become less so, I will damage for my existence. Some people have wanted me to get back, brushed myself off, and go into the world as if nothing else had happened. But that isn't the case, because there is the foreground, where I do some things well, and there is the background. The the problem is since I'm damaged, I can really go back to my old existence, because it was too angry to extend a fa├žade. And it doesn't seem to be of interest, because I know that real people live there lives differently than most. And right now I am not a real person. Which is fine, but don't tell me that I am living a life of a real person, because I know what that life is. And people around me either don't know, or want me to jump through hoops. Which, quite frankly, is nonsense, and I know it is nonsense.

So it isn't very difficult for me to just ignore the world and do whatever it is pleases me, and if they would like to know what's going on in my head, they will do so. But in the chance that they don't want to, which by the way is far more likely, then I will ignore them and live my life. If matters not at all to me at this point.

Now back to my story, because there are many things that the characters would like to do, and I'm the one who has to do them.

The first thing, is to notice that this story, unlike CS Lewis, is free in the number of word counts. CS Lewis is very strict with these and will even break up action if it pleases him. As I said, I am a bit freer, but, and this is important, I know this, and will take the time to explain it to you the reader. CS Lewis is about 2500 words, and which he may reenter the topic changing a break in its aspect if it is with the same characters. He does is a great deal in book 5, entitled “the horse and his boy” a great deal, because it centers almost exclusively on a journey with only two characters. I wanted to point out that CS Lewis in the Narnia books is that studious about this habit, where as if you read my other works, I am not.

Anyway, the lion, and is to girls, are looking straight in to the sun as it rises, and I have two make a simple decision: is it going to be the lion, or one of the girls who will explain something that they see in the coming light? It is not an easy question to answer, because how would CS Lewis do it? After all, I know how I would do it, but that isn't the question. And in fact I have made a decision different from CS Lewis has already, my decision was to have the author, which CS Lewis does occasionally, but not very often, for example he does so in book 2 when the two planets have a close conjunction. So he does do it occasionally. But more often he selects person who has a question. And he will occasionally drop back and tell a story, but not often.

“Is it going to be a new day, Aslan?” said Lucy.

“Yes, my child, it is a new day, and the witch - though she will not show it - from this point on, is doomed.” The lion frisk his hair, in a way that people would never do. He does a lot of this, which is not a human style at all. These little things matter to an author, while readers largely do not notice them.

“She fears she's doomed?” Asked Sandra, “How does she know that?”

“She doesn't know, not in the way that I do, but she creeps around the corners, and suspects. Remember she to is a visitor, as you are visitors, and I am in my mortal form. And while they don't have an exact knowledge, there is someone peering around the corners, like the pages of a book.”

“I don't understand.” Queried Lucy.

“She doesn't know, but she suspects her time on this planet has ended. And while she might fight for it, it is a doomed effort - which she will take other characters with her.” explained Aslan.

“What is she going to do?” that was Sandra talking, but she blurted it out as if she were Lucy.

“She is going to do everything she can, and then some. Because desperate people try desperate things, and she is very desperate.” explained Aslan, “The old world was more conducive to her, with all of its restrictions. But now, there is a new light, and there are only two restrictions.”

“What are they?” Asked Lucy.

“You will have to find out , and relate them to your home planet.”

“Will we have to go back there?”

“Not for a very long time if you do your work. But it is your work, not mine, not the King Over the Water. Yours.”

     And they looked in to the sun, and it seemed like it had kissed them, and laid its blessing on. Then the three of them entered in to the pavilion, where it was a mess, because all of the main characters were off doing something, and the subordinate characters didn't have the will.