Saturday, June 18, 2016

Humqr in Sciance

Let us start with a very simple equation -  humor fix everything that we as humans do,  especially the teaching of such on numerous subjects as chemistry, mathematics, biology, physics, and so on.  for example,  I stuck, in their,  because most of the time in English people get lazy -  and I want to work doing the right thing as opposed to sort of thing.  which as Mark twain wrote,  is the difference between lightning and lightning bug.  

Right now need your sheets,  is my girl.  she,  is not,  from this country -  so she has a sense of humor,  but it is not English.  This sense of humor is something acquired.  now people who learn a language quite late,  have an unintentionally funny way of speaking,  which can be imitated -  for example in  Casablanca  two German émigrés do a routine which begins "Liebchen, sweetness  what watch is it?" " it is 10 watch." "Such watch." (Not ?) I might be wrong on the 10,  but you know what I mean,  they have unintentionally funny way of speaking substituting words which are not right,  but everyone else knows they are talking.

But people who learned the language when they are not quite young and  quite old -   say eight or nine,  might or might not be able to grasp such subtleties has a sense of humor.  so in their second language they sound flat.  It is not that they  do not have one,  because in their native language they can tell jokes,  but not in the second language,  or at least mostly not in their second language.  Either they fall back on the such watch kind of humor,  or they speak in a kind sawdust manner -  which they know is wrong,  but there are plenty of concepts which one does not need the  sense of humor. But there is something missing,  and they may not even know  what it is,  though they certainly know that something is missing.

Then of course their children are native language speakers,  though they can transliterate - if you will excuse the pun-  while their parents speak in a foreign language,  such a हिन्डी ,  普通話 whatever they call Korean in   Korean, sorry don't really speaking it.  They of course have whatever gift of humor that  their language so dictates.

now we need a phrase to capture speaking in that form of language which is captured by the microphone,  since there are large numbers of concepts or misinterpretations of words,  which it goes on typing in,  because it does not realize just how ridiculous it is.

( and yes Humqr  dispelled wrong  intentionally)