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The Silent Shpere - 11


When we speak of the art of alchemy, we must divide it into physical and spiritual realms, which require the transmutation and combination of either material quantities or spiritual quantities. We must also divide it into intrinsic, and extrinsic processes. Intrinsic alchemy, of which the previous chapter was devoted, is the utilization of the inner properties either of matter, or spirits. To engage in extrinsic alchemy, it is necessary to use the influences of the suns and spheres against the background of fixed stars. There are 8 greater houses, each representing one of the 8 classes of matter or spirit, and there will be, from any sphere, 7 suns and 6 spheres, each in a house. Each sphere or sun will rule one of the 13 processes of alchemy (for matter this would be Calcination, Solution, Dissolution, Sublimation, Separation, Fermentation, Conjunction, Exaltation, Putrefaction, Multiplication, Congelation, Combustion, and Projection), and so we can declare that each of the 13 processes will have most affect on the class which is ruled by the house the proper body is in.

Thus if the body that rules purgation is in the Leopard, which is the element of fire, those materials or spirits of fire, can be properly subject to purgation. Thus, on each sphere there will be a unique combination of classes on which extrinsic alchemy may be performed. Since each soul is born, the element of the individual at birth, is the extrinsic alchemy that is performed on that soul. In this way the astrologer casts, by ascertaining the great extrinsic alchemy performed on the soul, at the moment of its joining with the material...

and so it was for many centuries, that each alchemist attempted to gather the essence of each process for each class, which made for 104 essences, or elements. Since many of these have never been found or observed in any way, it was destined to failure, or at least success that has still eluded all efforts of all reputable alchemists. The dream was to have, of course, the philosopher's stone, and the universal aqua, which could be used to produce the correct essence for all, and so the great alchemists proceeded in their search. However, for the practical alchemists two great discoveries have led to the proliferation of the art. The first was the discovery that for most purposes, the four cardinal types could, indeed produce the 4 mediant types, and vice versa. This reduced the needed elements to 52. The second, of course, is that thaumaturgical influence could be used to create a flow of essence for any one of these 52. Hence, the production of the modern arcana, with four suits to match the four element types being used as bases, and the 13 processes. While not sufficient for all purposes, it allows the production of ordinary reactions anywhere in amounts sufficient for daily use. Gone are the centuries long accumulations of specific steps, to be combined only at specific times, save for those greater and more complex magicks that are far beyond what may be written in exoteric tomes...

Codex Magnus Al-Kim’s