Saturday, July 9, 2016

Trade Fight comes up for the Rich

Bronze Age burial

The Stores That Matter

In Siberia in 1908, a huge explosion

Angela Eagle to announce Labour party leadership

Obama tries to quell talk of '60s-like division

People are using drones

South Sudan clashes 'leave dozens dead'

The Globalist vs. the Nativist

List prices going by the wayside

Six women accuse Roger Ailes

Six women accuse Roger Ailes, raising speculation of ouster at Fox News | Media | The Guardian

There is a change going on:  women are people first,  thought objects to be used.

'Brexit is Brexit':

'Brexit is Brexit': British parliament rejects bid for second EU vote

The British Government rejects an online petition signed by 4.1 million

We get second chances... you do not.

Who does it speak for?

No Rally for the Wicked

The Second Time as Farce

‘I’m Tired of Having to Argue My Humanity to You’