Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CIA Torture

Could a Volcano Be Waking Up on the Outskirts of Rome?


Not Yet Time

You can not have any oil.

How Science Could Help Prevent Police Shootings

Boris Johnson Appointed U.K. Foreign Secretary

10 places to eat in Cleveland


Central Park, $300 Million

CEOs vs.College Tuition

May PM

Not Amused

12,000 Amazon Species

"Some times are more important than others"

Harley Davidson Style

DB Cooper, Again

The ill spattered Trump

The Fake Factory That Pumped Out Real Money

County marijuana tax for homeless

Police raid that led to Berlin riots ruled illegal

Cook County offers first transportation plan in 76 years

Hate crime against disabled increases by 40 per cent in a year in UK

Trump’s Veep Headache

Trump’s Veep Headache

If  Dan Quayle  and  Dick Cheney did not cost people the election,  there is no mistake -  people just do not care.

Hillary’s Mistake

Hillary’s Mistake

The mistake is the Republican party is monstrous,  while the Democratic party is merely corrupt.

A Communist Has Sparked a Cheap-Medicine Frenzy

Flavour changing neutrinos give insight into Big Bang

The Mysterious Metamorphosis of Chuck Close

Half of all US food produce is thrown away