Thursday, July 14, 2016

More Fossil

US reveals Isis commander was not killed in March airstrike

Trump delays VP

70 Dead in Nice Terror

Impasse on Republican rules committee raises prospect of convention 'floor fight'

Truck Rams Crowd Killing 70 in Bastille Day Attack in Nice ... count still growing

Grenades loaded into truck.

Le gouvernement met en garde contre les rumeurs

La secrétaire d'Etat chargée de l'Aide aux Victimes, Juliette Méadel, fait part de son choc sur Twitter : « Horreur à Nice ». Et invite les internautes à « ne pas relayer les informations non vérifiées ». « Les secours prennent en charge les victimes », ajoute-t-elle. 
 Truck Rams Crowd Killing 60 in Bastille Day Attack in Nice 
L’ancien maire de la ville, Christian Estrosi, évoque des « des dizaines de morts ». Une estimation confirmée par le sous-préfet, qui a précisé que le chauffeur du camion avait été abattu.
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Dozens Die as Truck Hits Crowd in France
Motivation Remains Unclear; Tense France Is on Alert
 Panic in Nice as lorry hits crowd 
30 people est dead. Called an 'attack'.

Attentat possible à Nice: de nombreuses victimes

En direct : plusieurs morts à Nice après qu’un camion a foncé sur la foule

Removing big reformers leaves PM with a third-rate team

Polls freak out Elites

Did Crude Oil Kill the Dinosaurs?

Scotland politics want EU

This Modern Word Jul 14

Congress is Evil.... Part 6,946,481

Julia 0.5 Coming Soon

From Tony Kelman
Timeline for things that need to happen in a specific order:
  •  finish the remaining breaking/feature items on the 0.5.0 milestone - really only two of these: SSH in Pkg (#16041, PR at #17391 - assignees = Art, Keno, and myself); and safe non-traditional array indexing (#16973, (possibly stale?) PR at #17228 - assignees = Tim, Jeff, core team for feedback)
  •  announce feature freeze by changing VERSION from 0.5.0-dev to 0.5.0-pre, master becomes (temporarily) locked for anything other than bugfixes (preferably release-critical ones, anything not absolutely critical can potentially wait until backporting for 0.5.1)
  •  create release-0.5 branch, change master VERSION from 0.5.0-pre to 0.6.0-dev to open master for breaking changes - this could happen immediately after the feature freeze step, but unless progress towards breaking 0.6 changes is inconveniently blocked here we might want to wait a short time
  •  at this point commits should not be made directly to the release-0.5 branch without prior discussion, the branch will operate in release mode:
    1. If you think something is a backport candidate, ask about it with a comment, we will have some discussion and decide yes or no on backporting during the RC process
    2. a contributor will mark the issue/PR with the backport pending 0.5 label, or ping the @juliabackports user in a comment (which sends a message to!forum/julia-backports which we will monitor) if there's a needed commit to master without an associated issue/PR number (we should almost always avoid doing that)
    3. Backporting changes should be done via git checkout release-0.5 && git pull && git checkout -b $USER/backport-foo && git cherry-pick -x -e SHA, then edit the commit message to add "ref #..." so the cross-reference link shows up on the associated issue/PR, and open a pull request targeted against the release-0.5 branch (there's a github dropdown menu on the open PR page) so CI runs. If we have a lot of these, I will handle the backporting myself with a series of rollup pull requests to lessen the CI load.
  •  when the last RC1-critical cleanup items (see below) are finished, we tag v0.5.0-rc1, build binaries (automatic windows code signing is not working right now on the buildbots, so this will have to be done manually on a windows machine by someone who has access to the certificates - probably me), and announce publicly for users and package authors who've been waiting to test their code and update their packages for 0.5. The most recent RC will be available under Travis language: julia as an julia: 0.5 option, but release will not change until 0.5.0 final is tagged.
  •  repeat the last few steps in the process, targeting 1 RC per week, until we're satisfied with being ready to tag v0.5.0 final. I'll probably handle most of the backports at this stage, and run PackageEvaluator on the proposed changes to make sure we don't introduce regressions between successive RC's
  •  tag v0.5.0 final, celebrate, 🎆 🍻 etc, get 0.6 going and onwards towards 1.0, world domination (bugfix backport 0.5.x releases will happen at a target of one per month, as we've been doing)

U.S. missile defense system is 'simply unable to protect the public'

The Burger from The New York Times

Will the Iran Nuclear Deal Survive?

RNC Offers a Deal

Staff Pick at Paris Review

Emmy Nominations

VP: Mike Pence

The Housing Market Is Waving a Red Flag

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Is Invisible to Half the Population - Bloomberg View

No, actually, though it is less visible,  it still there.  Only the powerful and the clueless do not see  it.

Coffee is an art forum

Baked In

Ginsburg expresses ‘regret’

UK Cabinet

Brexit won't Stop Globalization

The American Side of France’s Greatest Postwar Poet

No talks with Russia about leaving power

How Private Equity Found Power and Profit in State Capitols


Pick and the Pres

The Great L.E.D. Quandry

the first nuclear-powered airliner?

Juno First


The Mirrors Behind
the Rembrandts