Monday, July 25, 2016

A-List Democrats Make Case for Clinton

Scots firm at centre of organised crime probe

How Exhaustion Became a Status Symbol

America at the Atomic Crossroads

Uber banned from using hired investigators' findings

Some Polls Reveal Trump Ahead

Obama administration pushes to change Medicare

Japan knife attack 'leaves 15 dead'


Sanders supporters boo call to back Clinton

US election: Sanders supporters boo call to back Clinton - BBC News
It is not all about Bernie - a lot of it is Never Hillary.

WTI Drops Below Key Technical Level as Oil Loses Appeal

Lesson 1: A little time

The mystery of Van Gogh’s madness

The Austerity Vision

CEO paid a lot to do not very much

The KKK Downfall

Clinton Broke One Glass Ceiling. When Were Others Broken?

China Crack Down

China Bans Internet News Reporting as Media Crackdown Widens - Bloomberg
This makes official what has been true for a while.

How one man faced down a 'noodle cartel'

Umberto Eco et Franco Fortini: Ur-Fascism


Franco Fortini:
Sulla spalletta del ponte
Le teste degli impiccati
Nell’acqua della fonte
La bava degli impiccati.
Sul lastrico del mercato
Le unghie dei fucilati
Sull’erba secca del prato
I denti dei fucilati.
Mordere l’aria mordere i sassi
La nostra carne non è più d’uomini
Mordere l’aria mordere i sassi
Il nostro cuore non è più d’uomini.

Ma noi s’è letto negli occhi dei morti
E sulla terra faremo libertà
Ma l’hanno stretta i pugni dei morti
La giustizia che si farà.

The Donald Trump-Roger Ailes Nexus

"Choosing ideological purity before power is a dereliction of duty"

Nintendo Plunges Go’s Impact Is Limite

Ansbach explosion: attacker was rejected Syrian asylum seeker,