Sunday, July 31, 2016

Well maybe you have. But its so good.

Do Japanese really work themselves to death?

Red in Beak and Claw

Costa Blanca expats feel Brexit

The Path to Prosperity Is Blue

The Other Side of the Painting

Why Growth Will Fall

Malaysia enacts 'draconian' security

Europe Elections 2016-17: The Votes to Watch

Europe Elections 2016-17: The Votes to Watch - Bloomberg

The French Presidency and fistfulls of parliaments.

Yuriko Koike as first female governor

Kabul explosion

It’s Not Easy Being Grains

Unexpected Flash Point

UK: Puffins in peril

Summer of Discontent

Oil Demand

the secret bases of Scotland 's 25,000 hidden tax haven

Thin but obese

30 Days

Portland, Me.

36 Hours in Portland, Me. - The New York Times
And small, but graceful. There is a lot miss from the map.

Is Now the Time to Refinance?

Ausaralia: Labor's Cathy O'Toole wins Herbert by 37 votes after recount

Donald Trump, Few Places to Go

Bleah... Even if you like that

Equal, not rape.

Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts disciplined over gender comments - BBC News
It is past time to admit that sexisn has no place in work, Equal not rape.

Go to the Bar...

An After School Satan Club

At the Front in a Scarred Falluja

Walk, Jog or Dance

Mark Cuban backing Clinton

Startup Investors Are Still Finding