Saturday, August 6, 2016

What People do not understand is that the German political class wants UK out of EU

Blow to Hillary as FBI prises open her charity

‘Where will we run this time?’

The ‘Doortrait’ Artists of Instagram

Ljubljana, Then and Now

These Government Rules Trap Millions of Americans in Poverty

Europe’s next casualty as Renzi risks all on referendum?

Malaysia does not want to admit what it does is true.


Even the  other side of the aisle gets one right occasionally.  Though often for the wrong reasons.

NSA denies ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark' stockpile

Why is it taking so long for 20-somethings to grow up?

Why is it taking so long for 20-somethings to grow up?

Their parents are not growing old gracefully,  why should they grow up? 

Everything truly wrong with Dinesh D'Souza

How Bad Is Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America? A Conversation. | New Republic

OK, I shouldn't Do this.  it is so that. really awful. but it is so bad it is a work of art.  truly,  if you want to see everything that is truly wrong with  Dinesh D’Souza,  this is the one to watch. Even if your eyes are sometimes closed.

'Scary' Lucille Ball statue replaced

Losing money and losing trust:

In the tense host city, close calls and false alarms have police on edge

Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'executed'

Southwest Airlines Board Tells Unions CEO Isn’t Going

Drone Attack Policy Released by U.S. Government

How Republican Efforts to Suppress the Vote Backfired

We like War, just not Causlties

North Carolina Is Being Sued

Maya 'snake dynasty' tomb uncovered holding body

No, there no reason.

These Drugs Could Save the U.S. Billions of Dollars

$1,300 to take one test? Med students are fed up.

The map of England and Wales by drug of preference

Results of super secret vote at United Nations on next Secretary General leak

Meera Sodha’s Chicken Curry


it is not that hard... unless you want to protect your gravy train

We’re in a Low-Growth World. How Did We Get Here? - The New York Times
Because when put too much effort into private growth.  Machiavelli noted some 500 years ago that there are 3 places  that money can go -  to the top, to the bottom,  to the  King.  in 500 years we have only managed to replace King with President,  and that the president can be of either sex.  That is about it.  In the 1970s,  we could no longer funnel money into the bottom without paying more to the government, so we began to shovel money to the top.  Now we have basically closed that avenue. We  need to shovel money into the bottom,  because frankly the people who are the top will get it  eventually. But they will do two things:  one is give the people at the bottom a chance to become people at the top, two  is enlarge the sphere of viable activities.  Facebook is not viable activity.
The writer of  this  article has zero clue.

You can do this, to expand your range

We can't have every guilty person

Oil prices plummet amid continued oversupply

Who Should Control Our Thinking Machines?

South Africa's ANC loses capital

South Africa's ANC loses capital

Proportion here:  the agency still easily the most dominant party,  is just in the cities that other parties will have a chance to   rule.

Is it better to be black in Canada than in the U.S.?

Up, Up, and Away!

“The Bells”: Lou Reed Out of Doors

Which have never won a medal?

Because Nixon

This is as close to an "oopps" as you get with Trump