Monday, August 8, 2016

For Kaine, war powers issue shows a break with Clinton

Artist Accused of Disowning a Painting Testifies

As Peat Bogs Burn, a Climate Threat Rises

Franz Kafka literary legal battle ends as Israel's high court

in open letter - BBC News

Hinkley deal is null and void, say French unions

Hinkley deal is null and void, say French unions
Unions are prime enemy #1 to the Tories. Never mind that the tories have most of the wealth.

Thousands sent to front lines in ‘great battle for Aleppo’

New wave of strikes to hit battered commuters

Yuan down

What $100 Can Buy, State by State

Big Toy Makers Clash With the Inventors They Depend On

Living on a budget? How trendy!

Colleges in Boston once again come up short on payments

Trump calls for excluding child-care costs

A ‘brain-eating amoeba’ lurking in the water ended up killing her

This Is Your Neurotic Captain Speaking

300 - 1 Against

They Want Their Money Back

Boost for Corbyn as High Court overturns voting ban

Grassroots Democrats Are Making the TPP a Big Issue

Evan McMullin to launch independent bid for presidency

Crack Down on Law Schools That Don't Pass the Bar

Prominent loyalist shot dead in north Belfast

"Frog March"

Mouse and Bunny

The East End from the inside

The East End from the inside
"Claridge’s intimate photographs from the 1960s capture a lost world of wonder and possibility."

Delta flights grounded after nationwide systems outage

Assad takes his revenge after rebels break siege

China’s Great River of Steel Swells

The Counter-Superhero Calibrations of “Captain Fantastic”

Love in Translation

Craft beer and Australia's changing alcohol consumption habits

Tropical Storm Earl death toll jumps to 38 in Mexico

Pakistan hospital bomb attack kills 43 in Quetta

India's stunted children

The crusade of a Democratic superlawyer with multimillion-dollar backing

The next big fight over housing

Bengali Writer and Activist Who Fought Injustice

Sour China’s Taste for K-Pop

Basic Pesto Recipe

Japan Raises Possibility of Leaving Throne

How to Give Rural America Broadband?

How a Hairdresser’s Lawsuit Could Spell Trouble for Brexit