Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why elderly men kill their wives

Why it pays to be grumpy and bad-tempered

How Jeremy Corbyn will reshape Labour’s backrooms after victory

Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina

Trump appears to encourage gun owners

Embattled University of California, Davis, Chancellor Resigns

Nomura ‘Lost Control’ in Firing Salesman

China’s Money Outflow Goes Quiet, for Now, as Stability Reigns

Soaring Debt Has U.S. Companies as Vulnerable to Default as 2008

A Tiny House That’ll Make You Want A Slice Of San Juan Islands Real Estate

El Faro: Sunken cargo ship's black box found

Teenagers Aren't Interested in Your First Seven Jobs

Who’s Got a Carrier to Rival the U.S. Navy’s?

China’s PLA Gets Smarter (and Bigger, Faster, Stronger)

This Is Not a Market

John Bird: Nature’s sweet airs are a cure for all

The Emerging Paid Family Leave Gap

Will you be fined if you fail to fill it out due to #CensusFail?

Hillary Clinton’s Embrace of Kissinger Is Inexcusable

Finally, the government wants to start tracking police killings.

Google and Facebook Killed Free Media

There’s Always Disco

Mysterious magic spells unearthed by archaeologists in Serbia

'Discovery of the year': sunken British ship found in Russian Arctic

For Oil Companies $110 Billion Debt Wall Looms

Putin offers Turkey's Erdogan closer ties

Productivity is suffering

To kill or not to kill?

What the Rest of the EU Wants

Brexit Bulletin: What the Rest of the EU Wants - Bloomberg
Europe wants  to humiliate Britain.  remember the key point is to convert a binding resolution out of a nonbinding one.

Northern Ireland's anti-abortion laws are failing women

Everything you need to know about the Bank of England base rate cut

Escape to New York

Africa's 'lost Eden'

Final of world chess championship to take

Vote for the Party

Key G.O.P. Senator Says She Will Not Vote for Trump
We want to keep the majority is the senate. Do be fooled - the senate will be worse.

Stranded in Desert, Foreign Labor Is Casualty of Saudi Slowdown

Think Tank Scholar or Corporate Consultant?

Chipotle’s new burger concept is just too Tasty for one competitor

Scent of Opportunity

U.S. tensions regarding Argentina’s ‘dirty war’