Friday, August 12, 2016

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It’s the Colleges, Stupid

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The Decline of Unions and the Rise of Trump

That’s Not the Way the Ball Bounces, Table Tennis Players Say

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The Rich are crushing Obama's Ecomomy

The Hole in Obama’s Legacy - The New Yorker

Like many people, I am not going to be paid well ever again.

Pauline Hanson secures six-year Senate term in Australia

Had enough capital execution yet?

Mystery bones from ancient Greece may be a teenager sacrificed to Zeus


Silicon Valley CEO to be sentenced after allegedly kicking girlfriend 117 times

Daily Beast yields to brain dead countries

Daily Beast Removes Article on Gay Olympians in Rio - The New York Times

Marijuana and sleeping with who you like are two of the issues.

DEA Stays Brain Dead

You’re Being Blasted by a Trillion Suns

Progressive .... The the Word Has Lost All Meaning

Harry Potter Lives On

Open Source Won.

“Donald’s Rainy Day”

Redeeming Greek Speak

Private federal prisons more dangerous, damning

The A-10 Warthog

Education Level Emerges as Sharp Dividing Line

For more than 50 years, his romantic partners have died or vanished

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Far-left figures ready to rejoin Labour

Same-sex marriage might be legal

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