Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Toxic “Nerd Masculinity” of the 90s

Powerful NSA hacking tools have been revealed online

Peter Thiel Wasn’t Gawker’s Only Tormentor

We Need to Literally Declare War on Climate Change

"A part of me is gone":

"A part of me is gone": a poem by Isobel Dixon

The Mirror - WM Chase - The Cincinnati Art Musuem
Or as one my friend in his post-apocalypse campaign Cin Sindede (Sorry Ian if is spelled it wrong)

How to avert America’s Brexit

The Umbrella Movement Fights Back


Why a celebrity divorce has Chinese social media buzzing

John McLaughlin, Mean Ass Son a Bitch

Mark Twain Found Inspiration in Germany

Stocking the ‘New Native’ Pantry

On Tenant Blacklist, Errors and Renters With Little Recourse

Berlin dismisses migrant hostel firm in email scandal

Donald Trump’s Time to Turn Campaign Around

Your day breaks, your mind aches

Scientists Just Say No to ‘Chemtrails’ Conspiracy Theory

Osteoporosis May Soon Have One More

Anti-Colonialism Fight Resurface

The Race for a Zika Vaccine

China launches world first quantum satellite in 'hack-proof'

Nationals Senator pushes for mobility scooter crackdown

Queensland scientists find potential cure to mosquito-borne disease

North Korean diplomat at London embassy 'defects to another country'

The secret language of flight attendants

Kashmir death toll rises

Volkswagen acted criminally in emissions scandal

Obama tightens emissions and fuel efficiency rules

Aetna will leave most Obamacare exchanges

Will Hillary Clinton stick with Merrick Garland?

But the Fight Isn’t Over Yet

Brexit Bureaucracy

The push to be passionate

"That's Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"

Insect collection worth $100m

India’s New Child-Labor Loophole

Any Place a White Person Is Nervous

To Find Cheap Flights, the Day (Kind of) Matters

Are Smoothies Better for You Than Juices?

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Is Convicted on All Counts

How is Jeremy Corbyn really doing in the polls?

Russia for World Domnation

Giuliani Last Act

“Stranger Things” and “The Get Down

Hacks Can Ease the Trials of Aging

Their Hair Fell Out.

How to Reduce the Pay Gap Between Men and Women

Shop Owners Ask: Why Wait?

Antlers Hunter S Thompson stole from Hemingway

Are Rotisserie Chickens a Bargain?

Are Rotisserie Chickens a Bargain?
No, but they are all of the chicken.