Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In Praise of the Double Feature

Gramercy Tavern: A Classic Still on the Move

Why did North America's largest city vanish?

Star snapped before and after nova explosion

Arthur Hiller Dies at 92

Waiting for a China crisis to reset the global economy

Did the Soviet Union Really End?

Zephyr Teachout aims to keep Bernie Sanders’ vision

"July" Earth’s hottest month ever recorded

What Happens When We Decide Everyone Else Is a Narcissist

What Happens When We Decide Everyone Else Is a Narcissist - The New Yorker
I wonder if  everyone who writes a narcissist article is a narcissist.

Shaking Up Italy’s Most Popular Museum

Don’t Give Away Our Wildlife Refuges

Don’t Give Away Our Wildlife Refuges - The New York Times

Republicans like to give things, to the rich.

‘Groundhog Day,’ All Over Again

Deep Plunge

Why American women are having fewer babies than ever

Tropical Depression Six May Strengthen in Atlantic

Meet Nanotyrannus, the dinosaur that never really existed

How America Grew -- and Grew Unequal

How America Grew -- and Grew Unequal

"Today’s inequality has more to do with historical accident and political power than economic efficiency."

Senate May Tank for GOP

Nissan’s Crafty Engine

Stil Life

Climate Change

California Lobster Rolls

When the Law and Facts are against you ... just cheat

Tax Debt Was $30 Million. Then Christie Took Office

Trump Slump

Training Good Doctors Starts With the Liberal Arts

“When Summer Comes Again"

Song of Summer: “When Summer Comes Again,” by the Lewis Brothers - The New Yorker

(The article on Joy Williams is terrible, about a truly horrific author.)

From Michelle - Grilled Veggie and Fruit Sandwich

so you have a garden. maybe a "late" one like mine (planted in late june, in Ohio) here's what you can do if you're broke and need to live on veggies, like me. don't tell anyone you heard of some of these ideas from me, if your recognize them. some are from an orange hair rethug who is NOT running for president, altho most of them are my own modifications. sometimes, Evil is Inspirational to the Good.
most of us grow what? the easy stuff. my list includes: squashes of all sorts, eggplants (altho they are not ready yet), peppers of all colors and degrees of heat, maters, under the ground Hair Fuehrer type tubers, a UN of onions (long, short, fat, white, red, yellow), all those herbs that are sooooo easy to grow (most important being parsley, chives, basil, cilantro, mint) *green* tomatoes (i'm black, they are a food group for us), all the very long list of 'greens' as we call them in my 'hood (chard, mustard, spinach, lettuce of any color or sort, etc), garlics and the minor sorts of variants... the point here is that "I've got a metric assload of green and other stuff! wtf am i going to do with it, other than make a soup?"

when your garden is huge, you feel bad, wasting food. i soup out at the end of the season every year, and that's the easy solution. that freezes and stores. but i want Fresh and Now, dammit! so this is what i just did. if you like meat, nothing i am telling you will hurt it. add a thinly sliced bit of whatever kind you like to it, no worries. also for you cheese lovers: a white, cold cheese is great with this.
step one: grow. step two: harvest, <i>early.</i> take the babies when you can; they taste so sweet. look for the little "squarsh," as we call them here, the baby cukes, the green but fat tomatoes, the spicier peppers that aren't quite so developed. Young Blood Tastes Good, says every veggie vampire everywhere. ;-)
DON'T OVER SLICE.  that is the first rule of harvest and cleaning and prep with this. bigger, for a change, is better. what you want, if you're poor like me and don't have a fancy football field sized grill, is fairly big junk that won't fall thru your cheap ass Family Dollar insta grill.
everything should be sliced about the width of your thumb, or larger, in the round, or naturally shaped (stirling think of this word i can't remember right now, not chunk, but something thick and sliced). obviously you've washed the exteriors in organic veggie wash, if you're one of those fools who uses chemicals on your own food.  but keep the skins on everything! skin holds it all together. heh. this is a Family Blog, so never mind all that other stuff. ;-)
now you have big, sliced pieces from your veggie garden that *will not* fall thru your cheap ass grill. that's part one. set them aside, and if you're a Frenchy, salty them lightly and put them on paper towels and set them aside. when they are dried, *gently* wash off the salt, and let them dry again.
go to your herb garden. again: use everything. don't even worry about it; if it's fresh, it will only make your dinner guests freak out, when they taste it. cut up the freshest, including young floral parts, and set them aside. today i used: globe basil + flower, "regular" and purple basil, two kinds of parsley, cilantro generale, chives, tarragon, and mint. cut them fresh from the plant and put them in the blender.
any other veggie you may be growning will work here. if you are lucky enough, unlike me, to grow your own peaches, melons, apples, and even citrus,  use unskinned slices, fat and juicy, they will work also. i know this sounds weird, but trust me. slice all these things up like veggies, and be very, very careful to make them Thick slices. fruit is a coward on the grill and dies and dries early.
so you've got a big gallon bowl of roughly chopped veggies+fruits and a bag of herbs you just harvested, in two different containers. obviously you chem people have to wash your skins and stuff really hard, i recommend several different sorts of veggie washes but even "Dawn" dish detergent will get it done. *cleaning your store-bought veggies is essential!* i say this for food-desert shoppers. i am among you and i know.
meh, i forgot to say: chill the fruits and veggies for at least three hours before you do all this.
i use a large freezer bag for a reason: it's easier to flip during the 8hr marinade period. so dump your big pieces of stuff into that, sans herbs. turn your marinating bag in the fridge every half hour.

now, get your blender. (please don't try to do this by hand, slavery is illegal now).

put in all your fresh herbs. add, and remember i do not "measure," so this is up to your taste. add whatever you didn't grow in the garden to the herbs in the blender. i use: cumin, real Chinese mixed pepper flake (found only in 'Asiatown' mostly), my own grown Serrano or other moderately hot pepper (fresh, seeds cleaned out, skin on), cracked fresh pepper, just a dash of sea salt, fresh lime juice, onion powder, and gosh i hope you have a Middle Eastern store somewhere near by, cause that "Shawarma Seasoning" that you might know from a gyro place saves some time. if not, you know what seasonings work for you.
so all that goes into the blender, and here are the liquids. lots of the lime juice. i just quarter them and take the skins off and toss them in. a dash or two of: soy, Worcestershire, cheap ass lemon juice product, brown sugar, about a half cup of water, a half cup of wine (any kind) or cheap beer. the point here is that you're going to need enough liquid to make sure all the big veggies in this mix will get wet, wet, wet. more water, if you can't afford a lot of that expensive stuff, is OK. final step, oil. again, use what you have, it doesn't really matter altho fancee EEVO is best. but not that kalamata stuff! gosh that's too strong. depending on your taste, add the vinegar of your choice, also. my partner hates that so we don't, but when i was single i used to add about a quarter cup of the apple and a quarter cup of the white.
take a garlic clove and DON'T shell it. cut off the root bottom, take off the ugly paper on the outer layer, but otherwise just toss it in the bag w/ the veggies. blend the spice and herb mix described above, make a nice, fairly thick soup of it. pour it over the veggie/fruit bag. look at how much liquid is in the bag. is it enough to cover about half of the grill victims? if not, add some white wine, apple cider vinegar, more oil, what ever it takes to make sure (and this is really important) that at any time, at least half the bag is under a liquid, no matter how you turn the bag on the shelf.
push ALL the air out of the bag that you can, like one of those air-sucking machines that you see on late night tv. put everything together, let it set and forget it for at least 8 hours. again, REALLY important. never use frozen veggies for this, unless you are really desperate. fresh is actually cheaper, this time of year. 
8 hrs later, they are ready for your grill. this is one of those recipes where it really, really helps to have a big grill space. if you don't? save half to do for another grill later. what i have described will make food for a week, even cut in half. veggies marinate well and will keep, so no need to freeze unless you want to. anyway, figure out how much space you have on the grill.
this is one of those "you MUST watch the grill" situations. have your tongs and plates ready for the early grillers, like the tomatoes and some of the softer squash. take those off AS SOON as they have the char that will please you and your family; i like a hard char and i leave them on for almost an hour. but some veggies and fruits, and they rarely need the same length of time as any meat or fish.
put the long-char stuff on first. watch it, turn it, keep that grill going, but not flaming. i recommend using or mixing in some of the really nice "all natural wood" bricks if you can afford them. Pro Tip: if you can't, just add a few of those to the cheap briks that you can  buy in the general store. gosh! the flavor! but the bottom line is that you really do want the 'perfect' grill, where every coal/brick is slightly grey and still burning, at the start of all this. it's going to take some time.
b/w about 30-90 minutes, everything will be done. oops, i forgot to say: don't throw away the marinade juice. if you're a "painter" of grills, keep a little dish of that by the grill as you watch it, and baste all of it with that while it cooks. Southron Folk will add a little melted butter to this, as well as more brown sugar. char char char.
also: avoid too hot coals.
ok, so let's say you've done all this right. you now have an immense amount of what? charred, seasoned stuff. you took the fruit off first, the softer veggies off after that, and the hard stuff last. so wtf do you do with it?
i'm sure a lot of you like a bread product, so here's the "sandwich" recipe. for those of you who don't need bread, like me? meh, i just eat the shit cold, after about 12hrs of chilling in the fridge. either way, rest and chill the grilled product for at least four hours.
1 cup of CD's grilled mix, coarsely chopped
1 ts any vinegar you like
1/4 tsp of any sugar you like
1 tsp of any seriously good mustard
3 tbls of any mayo/aoli you like
1/2 of one lemon, juiced and strained
cracked pepper to taste
celery seed to taste
sea salt to taste
a dash of Worcestershire
1/2 tbl of melted butter
1/2 tbl of organic greek yogurt (optional)
(meat as you like it or not)
put it in a pita, a bun, your lover's ass... you won't be sorry, and you will lick it up until your stomach explodes. trust me, this never fails. it sounds like a lot of work, but really? it's not. if you have to buy your stuff from a farmer's marker, that's still OK. Fresh Picked is best, but even the phony pretenders i serve know: this is how summer should be. (fix this any way you want, Stirling. but that's what i spent the morning doing, and i'm pissed it's going to be too wet here tomorrow for me to do the fucking grill right. damn poverty, damn an actually wet August,  and all love and respect to you and yours.
ask me about the eggplant dish, later, if you'd like. ;-)

Cheddar, Cucumber and Marmalade Sandwiches Recipe

Trump, seeking to court black voters, calls Clinton a ‘bigot’

Trump, seeking to court black voters, calls Clinton a ‘bigot’ and promises tougher policing - The Washington Post
We still have weeks to go... much worse yet to come...

I'm in Mass, I could vote for the man in the moon. If Hill is losing the state there's trouble...


The problem with The London Time is they have two readership groups. Blairite and Pro-EU Tories.

UK Banks to be fined 100% if they help tax avoiders

How many people work at Cisco? About half of them. *

Donald Trump defends Milwaukee police shooting

Donald Trump defends Milwaukee police shooting - BBC News
Yeah, i know it lame. Everything is warp out of his mouth.

Sosume, as Apple used to say.