Friday, August 19, 2016

‘Blood in the Water’

US ​​Navy sailor jailed for taking photos

Madama Butterfly on PBS

Madama Butterfly WGBH

25 Years

Judge orders Clinton to answer email questions in writing

Celtic's biggest shareholder under pressure on bank

Distressed man leads to discovery of 23 ‘slaves’ in Meath

Outpouring of extreme hate videos on YouTube

Rogue sites let children gamble millions

Babies Watching People Eat

Syrian war: US scrambles jets to Hassakeh

Nine Great New Books for August


Thurgood Marshall’s interracial love

Miami: CDC expands travel advisory

Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort Resigns,

Double Blot for UK

Becoming Disabled

Gen. John Vessey dies at 94

Quid pro Quo

Violence in Blue

Louisiana faces soaring recovery costs

Another Good Reason Not to Get Married,

NASA Wants to Bring Enterprise to the Space Station

Epic Economic Meltdown

Apocalypse Now?, Part 3: So Far, So Good?

Tropical Storm FIONA Forecast Advisory #10 / Check For PAC warning about TS Kay

Pinochet's widow under investigation on suspicion of swindling millions

Uber drivers ask where they fit in a self-driving future

The secret libraries of history

Photos show IS militants fleeing Manbij

On Instagram, the Artist Ai Weiwei Focuses on Refugees

Climate Change May Make Shellfish (and Us) Sick

Why it is the duty of the Labour party to try to stop Brexit

Fox News and the Repercussions of Sexual Harassment

“Lo and Behold” and “Mia Madre” Reviews

U.S. Concedes $400 Million Payment to Iran Was Delayed as Prisoner ‘Leverage’

Should You Filter Your Water?

We all know cheating is bad. So why do we do it?

Fiona #9