Friday, August 26, 2016

North Carolina must give transgender people choice of bathrooms

Canadian couple forced to live apart after 62 years

Minnesota sets broad limits on chemicals blamed for bee decline

Celluloid Dreams

Elephant Tranquilizer Could Be Linked to Wave of Heroin Overdoses in Midwest

Maine’s governor starts row over race and crime

Trump a Working-Class Hero?

When Unemployment Falls, Thousands of Americans Die

The Curious Case of the Sudden Tie-Dye Store

Here are the leading Republicans who rushed to defend Donald Trump on race

How to Eat Like a Local on the Road

It made money

Hillary Clinton Denounces the ‘Alt-Right,’

They do not need a warrant

The Hype—and Hope—of Artificial Intelligence

The Hype—and Hope—of Artificial Intelligence - The New Yorker
First the was Turing, and the was hope the this would be Science. The things got messy.

California Aims Retirement Plan at Those Whose Jobs Offer None

How Cuts to Public Universities Have Driven Students Out of State

Why the earthquake in Italy was so destructive

Gay people made Hollywood. You wouldn't know from the movies

The reasons why politics feels so tribal in 2016

The Torrent Come

There is no imagination for the reality of disability. It shows up in what you cannot do, and in what you can do – but no one listens. You can talk about Gödel, and realize that you cannot compose music, you can try your hand at writing novels – but no one will give you the chance whether or not to prove them. There was only the quintessence poise which leaves you with nothing but the equipoise of remembering who you are, and what you might have become.

Perchance you will know that it means nothing, and nothing, as CS Lewis said, is the great tool of the unknown. You write, knowing it means Nothing. Perhaps you can compose, knowing it means Nothing. There was once upon a time, when people could write – but that was ended, instead People – with capital P – scribbled their thoughts so that people could for profit.

But, the torrents of imagination do not flow through these veins – but leak only slowly in two consciousness, because they might have meaning, when Meaning has lost its fury. When the lecture halls are empty, and the symphony is heard over the blare.

North Atlantic 'weather bomb' tremor measured in Japan

A new class of galaxy has been discovered, one made almost entirely of dark matter -

Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis -

French court suspends 'burkini' ban

How Donald Trump Won Over Europe's Right-Wing

Two Terrible Ideas, on Their Way to History’s Dustbin

Trump hiring Steve Bannon might go down as the worst campaign hire of all time.. And then some.

Trump campaign chief is registered to vote in Florida at unoccupied home

Ex-PM Stephen Harper 'quits Canada politics'

Who are the hackers who cracked the iPhone?

Eight Habits of Highly Successful People You Can Try Today


When one gets of Labour the London Times actually has some reason things to say. Wrong things. mostly.

Striking miners kill deputy minister in Bolivia

Jill Stein’s fairy-tale candidacy

Jill Stein’s fairy-tale candidacy - The Washington Post

The fine-line between "tough" and "cheats" in on display.

A new poll showing Hillary Clinton up 10 points

Lawmakers want to know why U-Va. stockpiled billions

What Disability Means

Turkey bomb blast: many feared dead in explosion at Cizre police checkpoint

Hillary Clinton's flaws - BBC News

Hillary Clinton's flaws - BBC News

The 4th branch want Hill to win, by 1%.

Inside the high-pressure world of China’s ‘overtime dogs’