Thursday, September 1, 2016

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High Schools Are the Next Battleground in the Fight Over Transgender Athletes | Mother Jones
High Schools are always the next  battle ground -  they cannot vote.

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Spirit, be gone! Or the sometimes glance of one which pictures the inside from the out.
As the mist started to clear, a voice both familiar from the negotiation, and distinct as it took on new life came in to being. “ you should have gone when you had the chance.”

“When was that?”

“Before you saw any face in the halls of the home.” it had all been a ploy, from the beginning. Perhaps he want something else, but it was clear that what the host most wanted was death. His death. The rest was merely a plane out the embellishment of the theme, and nothing more. The magi's had suspected all of this, but have not known until this moment, when the clouds gathered around the pair, and leached all the strength from the boots that clung to the ground.

“In other words, there was not a chance.”

“Not for me there was, and I will guess I was your last.”

The ornate blade twitched in his host's hand, with a cloak masking any other feature. It was calm, even the lights were shut, and it had no feature from Out of the murk. But as yet there was no drizzle to transverse the Magi's face. But his manner was calm, and his host realized that he would not be unperturbed unless he had a plan.

“What have you got in mind?”

“It is not what I have in mind, it is what they had in mind.” And he pointed in to the darkness, and gradually there assumed figures, black and gray hooded, with masks on their faces. They were masks that had horns in their teeth, and garish distended features – they were Morgathi, leering.

At once his host new that it was time to go, and to his right he scrambled up the house path, leaving him to whatever fate they had concocted. Being a relative of the chief of the Council of seven, he knew that it would not be hard to make amends, no one would question his where abouts. So he did not even look back at the trio of figures, which were entering in to the mid-ground, with tokens of their office – they were the guards, and priests with all the pomp and circumstance that that had.

It was a ghoulish figure, and they swung as if chanting a tune – perhaps they were.

But this was not the Magi's stroke. He watched them pace the distance, but did not move a muscle, or even a tendon. Because this existence, as far as he was concerned did not truly exist. It was but a dream, and what he waited for was the chance to escape. He had watched his inner light, and view that it was effectively time to step outside the universe. What the priests saw was that he flattened, and then was gone. With the cloths dropping from their place, and fluttered down with nothing inside them.

 He was gone, from out of the manywhere and in to the there. He was naked, and up to his waist in seawater. There was a distinct difference between the sea that he left, and the much travel Terra. It was the land that he was born into, and while he might venture in to that other world – he did not really believe that it was anything other than a delusion. Of course he would travel there eventually, because while a distinct air of past surrounded it, there was something about it which was prescient. But for the present time, he would find out where he was, and then find a job, teaching young students the books which he had read. When every day was the same as before, taking young minds and filling them with knowledge which he had imparted.

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