Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The people who study the meaning of nonsense

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Hillary Clinton’s Lead Has Shrunk: How to Assess the Polls - The New York Times

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Will Trump or Clinton win? The 11 states deciding the race

Will Trump or Clinton win? The 11 states deciding the race | TheHill

The problem with Hillary, is that the premise of her theory is wrong. Think one it this way: In the 1980s,  several huge decisions had to be made:  fixed the problem or reinvest the problem.  the Democrats wanted to fix the problem,  the Republicans wanted to reinvest the problem (in  no particular order:  climate change,  the positive wedge of Keynesian policy,  the collapse of the Soviet Union).  One of these three favored the Republicans,  two of them  favored a more vibrant brand of  Democrats then we currently had.  The reason that Republicanism was favored,  is they could communicate what they were going to use.  The Democrats, in effect, where tired.

Now we are on the other side of the dividing line,  and are eating up the last bits.  What we really need to do is find a larger bet, but we are still arguing over how to reinvest the last bet -  even though we do not have the chance to.  What is needed is to write off all of the bad debt,  charge the people,  and get on with the new.  But we are not going to want to do that,  until it is really time.  Hence Hillary and Trump which to play to the people who have fictional money.  Trump is just going to lie, but Hillary cannot help herself and lie as well -  she wishes to invest the 70s surplus differently,  but that is not on the table.

The old needs to get off the scene.  It is highly likely that they only have one term left,  though if they are curable it me be to terms.

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