Monday, September 12, 2016

Bitcoin Technology Harnessed to Push Electricity Revolution


China's Economy Strengthened as Factory Output, Retail Perk Up


How America became a 1% society

N.C.A.A. Moves Championship Events From North Carolina

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Isto Release More Information on Her Health - The New York Times

More importantly, the press want to be inside the bubble. You would think that she had learned: "Do not do as Nixon did." 

Fighting the views of homosexuality in China's textbooks

A Sell-Off Pressure 'Larger Than Brexit' Imperils One of Wall Street's Hottest Trades

How Conservatives Lost the GOP

How Regulation Failed with Wells Fargo

How Regulation Failed with Wells Fargo - The New Yorker
The woman who organized it got a reward, while the little people who did it got the shaft.

Above the Arctic Circle, climate change threatens an Alaska town

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The Most Detailed Map of Gay Marriage

New Fiver

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David Cameron to quit as Conservative MP for Witney

How Big Sugar Enlisted Harvard Scientists to Influence How We Eat—in 1965

What’s Going on With America’s White People?


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A Holistic Ruling on Broken Schools

How Frankenstein became a monster

Invest in the Past

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