Saturday, October 1, 2016

Keep In The Vote


After Revenant … Leonardo DiCaprio stars as eco-warrior in climate battle

Why we do not call the police.

May to introduce EU repeal bill in Queen's Speech

For Orchestras in the U.S., So Much Depends on Their Communities’ Fortunes


Asian-Americans Into Democratic Arms

Gene therapy offers hope for treatment of sickle cell anaemia

It's Not Just Brangelina Taking a Financial Hit With Late Divorce

Major Hurricane Matthew

Memoir: Those Brogues

In Saudi Arabia: Can It Really Change?

Tony Blair’s Eternal Shame


At a Loss for Meds, Venezuela’s Mentally Ill Spiral Downward

At a Loss for Meds, Venezuela’s Mentally Ill Spiral Downward - The New York Times

Is not just note to say that your socialist,  you have to be  a socialist.

Homemade Chili Gains Ground on Chili’s

A New Graphic Novel Portrays an Iconic Radical Lawyer

Consumers skeptical about self-driving cars

Trump's voters agree with him on cutting legal immigration levels

9/11 Families May Not Be Able to Sue Saudis After All

Matthew Cat 4

New Yorker Unspun

Memories of a Childhood Split Between France and the Middle East

The Art of Condolence

Aleppo hospital 'hit by barrel bombs'

Richard Serra and Michael Craig-Martin’s 50-year conversation

Fake Accounts Spreads

My Post-Debate Blues,


Mexico's Colima volcano erupts

The man who brought you Brexit

What the cleaner saw in New York

Why class won’t go away ... From the land where Downtown Abbey lives on

Get out now...

Major Hurricane Mattew

Flying While Muslim


‘The Voting Booth ... Is Simply NOT the Place to Protest’

Is There a ‘Ferguson Effect’?

The Remarriage of Edie Windsor,

Whose life is it anyway?

How it feels to live in a sexless marriage