Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricanes - Nicole and Matthew

The curious case of San Francisco's leaning tower:

Trump personally lobbied Congress to give real estate developers bigger tax breaks

A quintessentially American crime declines:

Don’t Intervene in Syria

West Bank Settlers Prepare for Clash

Obama Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases

The Cubs Confront the Curse: Is This the Year?

China’s Housing Boom Looks a Lot Like Last Year’s Stocks Bubble

Nicky done... Matt up

Fewer NFL Viewers Force TV Networks to Give Away Ads


'Not Going to Take Any Chances':

4 pm update

Slouching Toward War With Russia in Syria?

Why 10% of Florida Adults Can’t Vote

Sotheby's declares 'Frans Hals' work a forgery

Texas judge confronts 'serious deficiencies’ in death penalty cases

A Dance

Alone in Berlin fans will be satisfied with a newly translated Hans Fallada

Here Comes Some More!

Oil Glut? Here Comes Some More! - The New York Times
 it is bad when the New York Times gets in on the act.

Trump is Risky

Theranos will close labs and wellness centers

Hurricane Matthew Nears U.S.,

Nicky and Matt

Imagining a Cashless World

Beavers are back in the UK

Maseratis and Cheap Sandals Expose Iran's Divide Before Election

The News Bugalu

The de-Reaganization of the Republican Party

Huge phone scam targeting Americans leads to 750 arrests in India

The place furthest from land is known as Point Nemo

This might be the loneliest country for expats