Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Here’s the 1 Thing Countries Have to Do to Meet the 2-Degree Climate Target | The Nation
The problem Is that a lot of the fossil fuel reserves are in places that do not respect the law,  and that includes Alaska and Texas.

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Gödel 9 - More Than an Analogy

At this point, I am going to say that I fibbed, a little bit. I once said that it was an analogy, but actually it is more than that. The current space technology is one of two positional spaces, which together add up to a single positional space. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to recount the Higg's space side of the equation, partially because the work has not been completely established.7 

But the information space is the other road to this, so what I have actually been doing is matching Gödel to amperage, Turing to voltage, and Nash to ohmage. That means that this is not just a mathematical concept, which some hints in Nash might have given you the clue. One can show actual real meaning to this concept. Just as AVO is related to current space, GTN is related to informational space. Now you might think, so what? But that is where three values not two enter the equation. Because there are three values, then the left half of space, the one that current space is a part of, will intersect with informational space. And in between these two spaces, there is a space, which is one nor the other. In positional space current is known, and Ohm is, generally, unknown. It is quite the reverse for informational space: generally Nash is known, while Gödel is, generally, unknown. There are exceptions to these, as with any physical realities.

But what this generally means is that the Nash Equilibrium is the starting point, and then one calculates the Turing Machine to arrive back at the Gödel Number. Of being a triangle, it can be from any one of the three, but the Nash Equilibrium will generally be the start, because it is the easiest one to find. And in science, if you can find a quantity, then naturally that will be your starting point. And the Nash Equilibrium, by joining the Gödel Number and the Turing Machine, one being opaque, and the other not be decided upon, is the only point where one has the advantage of being able to discern.
Thus the normal process is to find out the Nash Equilibrium, just as with the AVO the first part is to determine the voltage or the amperage, since in current space those are usually the easiest points to discern. In current space Ohm is not measurable, but amperage or voltage is, by the fact that current is mainly about electrons, which means you just need to place a voltmeter and measure. This is a difference between current space and informational space. And it might seem odd, and then dismissed.

Until you realize that current space and information space really rely on each other, and that means that there is a grouping of the two. So if I divide current space from informational space, and join them, it is obvious – in that way that mathematicians speak of obvious – that there is a set which is neither true nor false. This, remember, is from Gödel, that your two spaces are conjoined, there needs to be a third space which is neither true nor false, but indeterminate. This will lead you to Codd and Date, who are the informational engineers, as opposed to the mathematicians. One of the important differences, is the mathematician looks at the problem, solves it, and goes on. The engineer actually has to build a working object. Think of it as a fight between the scientists and the engineers over which is more important: the discovery that it could work, or the actual working object. This too, is part and parcel of the decisions you will make.

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