Tuesday, November 8, 2016


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Shame on Us, the American Media | New Republic
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Let’s Not Do This Again

Let’s Not Do This Again - The New York Times
He is face the  conservative veto  power -  the things that conservatives want are generally  retrograde.  and that means that stupid people want smart people to implement extremely stupid things.  now that is all right terms of money -  why not take the money that they are offering.  But some of the issues that they want eventually become unsustainably difficult to maintain.  That,  in a nutshell,  is the problem with a conservative government:  eventually,  the buy offs  that the Populace wants are to expensive.  For example elite conservatives do not really mind  interracial marriage -  look at,  closely,  who the conservatives shack up with -  but they are willing to give the stupid populace that,  if they can continue to loot the public pockets.

But conservatism ends with a truly large mess,  and the moderates will only delay for 10 to 15 years. The question is does Hillary want to go down with the ship,  and leave a complete mess.  Because eventually the liberals will take charge,  because they represent the people who are disadvantaged. Remember,  the baby boom cannot have everything it wants - it is logically impossible for everyone to get out of the stock market,  or the housing market,  or whatever place they have stashed their money.

A More Dysfunctional Congress

Now vote, damn you

Because the low information voters are easy to turn out.