Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Martha’s Vineyard, Off-Season

4 Years After Hurricane Sandy, 2 Households Still Wait to Go Home

Obama Tries to Reassure Latin America About a Future With Donald Trump

Is this how Jared Kushner got in?

S. Korean prosecutors say Park conspired with her friend

How It Shows A Constitutional Crisis

Tintin drawing sells for record €1.55m in Paris auction

‘Never Trump’ Stalwarts Try to Focus on Policy, Not the Man

Bond Traders Sound Inflation Alarm Amid Worst Rout Since 2001

American Spirit Sold Smokers on ‘Natural.’ Now It’s Being Sued for Fraud.

Is Rock ’n’ Roll Dead, or Just Old?

The real secret to Asian American success was not education

TsuruTonTan, a Japanese Chain That Knows Its Noodles

'Something will crack'

a terrifying prospect for black Americans

Sixty Conservative MPs back call to leave single market

Sixty Conservative MPs back call to leave single market - BBC News
Is the Tory party headed for a messy break up?

A Government Of, By, and For the Deplorables

Why Surging Stocks May Not Mean the Economy Trusts Trump

President Trump’s Cabinet picks are likely to be easily confirmed.

The Democratic party lost its soul. It's time to win it back

Donald Trump's economic policies could go badly wrong – but not soon enough

How Republicans Plan to Spend Like Crazy Without Running Up Debt

Der Drumpkov Demands Obedience from little people

The Donks Won NC, the Phants are trying to Steal It.

Julie Dash Made a Movie. Then Hollywood Shut Her Out

‘It feels like a creature is pushing itself through my skull’

2016’s biggest loser - The Washington Post

2016’s biggest loser - The Washington Post
They guessed - they guess wrong. Guess is not what we pay them for.

Trump's Top Food Guy Just Abruptly Quit

‘Fantastic Beasts

How Much Do Republicans Have in Common with Trump?

What Will Become of the Dirtbag Left?

State of denial

Fear of Putin and a Baltic War Intensifies With Trump’s Victory

Oil Drillers Add Most Rigs in 16 Months Amid Market Optimism

Drop Brexit case appeal, senior Tories urge May

The Failure of Facebook Democracy

Fearing Trump’s wall, Central Americans rush to cross the U.S. border

How to Save Money (and Hassles) on Your Black Friday Shopping

‘We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes’

A Car Accident Throws a Productive Life Into Turmoil