Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How the Democrats could win again, if they wanted

Intelligence agency employee arrested over Islamist comments

McConnell says he won’t recuse himself from wife’s cabinet confirmation

‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’

What It Takes to Open a Bookstore

Gingrich: Trump has no obligation to hold news conferences

Gingrich: Trump has no obligation to hold news conferences | TheHill
Please, a good revolt of the press is fine.

Repeal ObamaCare now, replace it later

Netherlands and Belgium to end lawless border oddity by swapping land peacefully

There are four proposals to save Metro. Which might prevail?

Trump Sets Private Prisons Free


Oil's Unlikely Bollywood Ending

North Korea satellite images show prison camps accused of 'atrocities'

Where London cabbies spend time off the clock

Rupert Murdoch set to lose $100m

Wells Fargo’s Sloan Played Role in Executive's Exit Before Scandal

Wells Fargo’s Sloan Played Role in Executive's Exit Before Scandal - Bloomberg

They are getting the news out while people are focused on other things. While the people are focused on the trivial,  the important escapes their notice.

It is Christmas!

It is Christmas! The presents are wrapped by a decorated pine tree, encrusted with a star. The halls, as has been said many times, are festooned with Angels and reindeer. And even such people who do not worship Christ, the King – are nonetheless engaged with the season. But what season is it exactly? Is it a merchandising opportunity that comes once a year, and accounts for as much as half of the consumer spending? Or is there something else as well?
There more than this? More than parades down the street which is deck out with ersatz reindeer pumping along the roof? More than parties, both professional and personal, where the sound of “Happy holidays” is heard many times? For some it is a mystic ritual involving Christ, and old words translated from Greek. But when one looks at the words, one finds that one must add to it a meaning, so that it makes sense. And what about the people who are not religious? Because after all, many people do not worship Christ, but are carried away by Christmas – and joyfully so.
It must then be holy, not for Latin hymns or rituals, but holy in a larger sense. A larger sense that captures the essence of the family and community, which are sacred to all nations. A time to reflect how we have taken from others the goods that they offer, and given in return some measure of kindness where we see it is needed. And then promise to do better the next year, because we can always do better.
But what if you are disabled, as many people – as I am – are disabled? What can we do, if we are barely able feed ourselves. Let alone being able to walk, which many of us cannot do.

Think about something, every day you wake up, and have a chance to improve yourself. And every time that you make even the smallest improvement, that is something that some else does not do for you. In this way, every movement that you make is progress. Even though it may not be as much progress as you would hope, it is still a point of pride to you. So remember that it does not have to be a large matter to the important to at least one other person. And in this way you will be saying “Happy Holidays” to at least one other individual.

"I am back!"

Plimpton and Hemingway in Cuba

Majority expect Donald Trump to keep promises

EXCLUSIVE: Majority expect Donald Trump to keep promises | TheHill

Do not press him on promises he makes good upon - roast him on what he fail to do. That way it catch-22 ...  do something which he did not really mean to do,  because the result will be noxious -  or disappoint the Trrunpen voters  who do not understand why what they think they want is not really what they want.

he did not steal it, but that is not the same as legitimate... there are rules here and New Republic breaks them

The Danger of Doubting Donald Trump’s Legitimacy | New Republic

Just because he did not steal it ...  in the technical sense of the word ...  does not mean that trump is not legitimate,  because steal is only one way to get an election  reversed.

Vote Recount Push Advances, but Reversing Trump’s Win Is Unlikely

Could Trump Really Deport Millions of Illegal Immigrants?

Why Are Developers Still Pouring Billions Into Waterlogged Miami?

Why Are Developers Still Pouring Billions Into Waterlogged Miami? - Bloomberg
The answer is:   someone else's tax dollars will figure the way out,  so they can profit and let someone else take the loss.

Donald Trump, the First President of Our Post-Literate Age

The Man Who Invented Libor

The Man Who Invented Libor - Bloomberg
To Finance geeks this is the number.

Tennessee Mountain Resorts of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge Evacuated for Wildfires

Life on the frontline of the Aids epidemic

The solution for open office frustration

“Rectify” Is a Quiet Marvel

Forget fake news on Facebook – the real filter bubble is you

South Korea’s president offers to resign if demanded by lawmakers

At least 3 survivors reported after plane carrying Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia

Tom Price, Obamacare Critic, Is Said to Be Trump’s Choice for Health Secretary